What student testing devices are allowed for the CBT 2021-22 test administration?

10/14/21: This article has been updated for the 2021-22 School Year.

12/16/21: Windows OS 11 and Mac OS 12 version updated below.

The New York State Grades 3-8 ELA and math test development partner, Questar Assessment Inc., provides a list of student testing devices and operating systems that are supported by the testing platform (Nextera Test Delivery System/ Questar Secure Browser) on their website for Test Readiness. Below, for your quick reference, is the list of supported student testing devices and operating systems. 

In preparation for the upcoming operational CBT spring test administration window, our schools will be completing CBT Technology Readiness online at the Nextera Admin website. This year, we added a section to the technology readiness that will help principals and district test coordinators (DTCs) verify that their anticipated student testing devices and operating systems are supported for the Questar Secure Browser:

Please note: Versions below are subject to change. For updates to Questar’s operating system support, please reference Nextera Admin under the Help downloads tab.


The following table indicates student testing devices and operating systems that are supported by Questar for NYSED's operational CBT spring 2022 test administration:

Operating System

OS Version


OS 10 and 11



Pro Education




Windows 10S is NOT supported.

Windows 11S is NOT supported.


Mac OS X

10.15x, 11.x, and 12.x


OS 86+


(9.7"+ screen)
14.x, 15.x

*iPad Minis and iPad 3s are not allowed for CBT due to small screen size.
Note: References to “.x” releases infer that all available point-releases within that version are supported. For example, “10.15.x” means that all 10.15 available versions are supported

Please note that the Questar Secure Browser should be installed and tested prior to the CBT test administration window. Students should also be comfortable with the Nextera Test Delivery System and online testing tools prior to sitting for the computer-based tests (the publicly available Question Sampler provides practice tests for every subject and grade level). 

For additional information on how to install the testing platform on the support devices, visit The Nextera Setup & Installation Guide.

Also, you can always consult the Questar Readiness page for complete device and system support information. 

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