Can my students who use speech-to-text diction software test on computer?

The Nextera Secure Browser does not provide a speech-to-text accommodation setting in the Nextera Secure Browser as part of the software, as it does for Text-to-Speech. Other accommodation needs that may require software not available as a specific accommodation in the Nextera Test Delivery System include word prediction software, spell-checking software, and any other application that is installed on the student’s computer to provide a testing accommodation.

The new Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities manual that was released from the Office of Special Education in February 2018 notes that students with speech-to-text may participate in the NYS computer-based tests in the following manner: "If a student using such accommodations is participating in computer-based State testing, the student’s exact responses must be entered into the computer-based testing platform by a test proctor or appropriate school staff" (page 29).

For a review of all available student testing accommodations on Nextera Admin, please see the CBT Support resource How to Set Student Testing Accommodations for CBT.