Alternate Languages and the 2024 Grades 3-8 Mathematics Tests and the Grades 5 & 8 Science Tests

The 2024 Grades 38 Mathematics Tests and the Elementary-level (Grade 5) and Intermediate-level (Grade 8) Science Tests will be available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. All alternate language editions of the mathematics and science tests will be paper editions. The tests can also be translated orally into other languages for those ELLs whose home language is one for which an alternate language edition is not available from the Department.

English Language Learners (ELLs) in a CBT grade level can take the English CBT with the corresponding alternate language paper edition provided as an accommodation or they can test on paper with both the alternate language paper edition and English paper editions of the tests. The decision to test ELL students with CBT or on paper would be a local decision based on the needs of the student. ELLs can respond in English or their home language using either method.  If testing with CBT, schools should inform their Lead Scoring Entities what languages students’ constructed responses may be written in.

For those English Language Learners taking the English edition on the computer and making use of a printed alternate language edition, schools will indicate the alternate language on the “Offline Testing Accommodations” tab by selecting the appropriate language from the listing under “Print Variations.” Selecting Print Variation and the alternate language in the Nextera Administration System will ensure the alternate language paper edition and the English CBT are the same form. This should be used by students who want to test with the English CBT version with the support of the printed alternate language edition. Please see the Print Variations article for additional information.

When requesting alternate language paper editions in the online request system, schools will automatically receive the corresponding English paper editions of the tests.  Schools with ELLs that will be taking the English CBT and have the corresponding paper alternate language edition provided as an accommodation should request the alternate language paper edition in the online examination request system and then in Nextera Admin, identify that the student will be using an alternate language paper edition along with the English CBT to ensure both tests match. (Instructions will be forthcoming in the School Administrator’s Manual.)


Schools with ELL students who require an oral translation of a lower incidence language, should request test read copies in the online examination request system for these students.  They will receive two copies for every test read edition requested, one for the student and one for the translator. ELLs requiring an oral translation must test on paper.  

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