Question Sampler, Updated for 2016-17

This spring, many students across New York State will take the New York State Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics operational or field tests on computer for the first time. Educators, students, and parents need tools to help students get comfortable taking a test on a computer.

A New York State Question Sampler is now available for educators, students, and parents to help students prepare for computer-based tests.

The Question Sampler, provided by Questar Assessment Inc., is accessible from any computer and provides computer-based sample questions in ELA and math for every grade 3-8. Teachers can use the Sampler in class, and students and parents can try it out at home.

Information on the Question Sampler, visit The New State Education Departments website under Educational Design & Technology section.

Please note that it is recommended that the Question Sampler be accessed through Google Chrome.  If you attempt to access the Question Sampler through a browser other than Chrome, the Question Sampler may not function as expected.