Process for Nonpublic Schools to Get NYSSIS IDs

In order to add students to Educator Portal, a State_Student_Identifier needs to be provided.  In New York, this is the NYSSIS ID.

Nonpublic schools needing NYSSIS IDs should send an email to with a subject line "Obtain NYSSIS IDs".  The following information should be provided in the email:

  1. the sending public school district name and local id of each student a NYSSIS ID is needed for. The local id must be the public district id, not the nonpublic school local id.
  2. a contact name and phone number of the person at the nonpublic school who should be contacted with the NYSSIS ID information
  3. a fax machine phone number for the nonpublic school where the NYSSIS ID information can be faxed to

In order to protect personally identifiable information (PII), please only send local ids and sending district names and do not send student names or dates of birth.

If a nonpublic school needs 10 or more NYSSIS IDs the information will be sent via fax.

If a nonpublic school needs less than 10 NYSSIS IDs the information will be provided via a phone call.