03/11/2016 Updates

General Updates

Support for computer-based testing, including NYSAA and Grades 3-8 computer-based field tests, will be moved to cbtsupport.nysed.gov. Information from datasupport related to NYSAA will be moved over starting the week of March 14th. 

NYSED updated the CBT website at http://www.nysed.gov/edtech/cbt.




Data Lockdown

The data lockdown went into effect on March 10th. During the lockdown, district and building test coordinators will be only be able to manually add students and teachers to Educator Portal.  

Support for computer-based testing, including NYSAA and Grades 3-8 computer-based field tests, will be moved to cbtsupport.nysed.gov. Information from datasupport related to NYSAA will be moved over starting the week of March 14th. 

Protocol for the Data Lockdown

All changes to data, other than manually adding students and teachers, will need to go through the DLM Service Desk. This includes the creation of rosters. To facilitate the process through the Service Desk, there are nine templates that must be used to make data changes.  

District or Building Test Coordinators must contact the DLM Service Desk  by phone or by email  in order to have a secure drive established to be used to transfer the templates needed to complete the requested changes.

Only a DTC or BTC can request the establishment of a secure drive and transfer the template files.

Once the data has been securely transferred to DLM, it will take 5-7 business days for the request to be completed.

Templates are available at: https://datasupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/207907836-Updated-3-8-16-Process-for-Making-Changes-in-Educator-Portal-During-Data-Lockdown-Period 

Using Data Lockdown Templates

The completed templates will contain personally identifiable information (PII) and as such are transferred to DLM using a secure website. Under no circumstances can they be emailed. 

DLM has made some changes to the templates.  We encourage DTCs and BTCs to access the templates online when needed to ensure the appropriate and most recent template is used.



Grades 3-8 Computer-Based Field Tests

Preview Administration Site

This week, NYSED and Questar opened access to the preview environment of the test administration system. The preview site is meant to provide districts and schools with an environment in which you can try out the platform and become comfortable with the tasks needed to prepare for testing, such as adding district and school users, adding students, adding accommodations, moving students to different classes, and printing student ids and passwords for testing.

One District Test Coordinator account was provided to each district that had at least one school who indicated that they would like to participate in computer-based field tests this spring.  The District Test Coordinator that received an account was the 3-8 District Test Coordinator provided to NYSED in December.  If your district did not name a 3-8 District Test Coordinator, the account email was sent to the Superintendent or CEO. 

The DTC file was pulled at the end of January to upload into Nextera.  Any changes requested after January 28th are not reflected in the site.  The list of DTCs that received accounts is posted on CBTsupport.

Trouble Accessing the Preview Administration Site

The designated District Test Coordinator should have received an email from Questar earlier this week that included a user name and initial password. 

Some districts have reported that they did not receive an email.  If you have a district that expected an account but did not receive one, please contact cbtsupport@nysed.gov. Some districts and schools were not properly added to the administration system.  In some instances, the district does not have any participating schools.

Access will only be provided to those districts that have at least one school who expressed interest in administering a computer-based field test this year.

Availability of the Preview Administration Site

The preview administration site will be available until Friday, March 25th at 5 PM EST.  At that time, the training environment will close so that the system can be transitioned to the test administration system used for the 2016 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Stand Alone Computer-Based Field Tests. 

Changing Your Grades 3-8 District Test Coordinator

Any updates needed to SEDREF must be e-mailed  on letterhead to dataquest@nysed.gov with the following information:  BEDS Code, Position Title, Name, E-mail Address and Phone Number.  These directions are available at: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/sedrefupdate.html

Nextera allows only one District Test Coordinator, and multiple District Level Users.  The DTC receives an account with a login that is DTC-[BEDS CODE].  The name and email address associated with this account can be changed by the DTC or a state user.  You may also consider just adding a DLU instead. DLUs have the same permissions and access as the DTC. 

Update to the Questar Technical Requirements

Questar has determined that they will not be able to support Linux or Android devices for Grades 3-8 computer-based field tests this year.  They were not confident about the security and presentation of the secure browser on these devices for the 2016 field test.

The do expect to be able to support both Linux and Android devices for next spring's operational administration.

If a school selected for computer-based field testing is impacted by this decision and is not able to test on other devices, please contact cbtsupport@nysed.gov

Grades 3-8 Field Test Assignments

We will begin to send out field test assignments on Friday, March 11th.  School field test assignments will be posted on the Office of State Assessment website at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/fieldtest/.

For spring 2016, we are able to reduce the number of schools that will be assigned to an elementary- or intermediate-level field test by approximately 25%, as compared to spring 2015, and are assigning no more than one grade level/subject to any selected elementary or middle level school.

Every school that expressed a preference for computer-based field testing has been assigned to a computer-based field test in one grade/subject (ELA or mathematics) but the participation in the assigned computer based field test will be optional (at the discretion of the district or, if in cases where the district defers to the schools, is at the discretion of the schools) for approximately one quarter of these schools.​  The field test assignments sent to schools will indicate if the school is CBT optional.


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