Educator Identifer Number for Teachers and Test Administrators

In the DLM Educator Portal (EP) system, each teacher in the State must have an id assigned to him or her that is unique across the State, not just within the school.

Public school/charter/BOCES teachers will use their existing TEACH ID as the unique ID.

Nonpublic school teachers will use an id that consists of the 12 DIGIT BEDS code of the school, immediately followed without any spacing by the first four letters of the teacher’s first name and the first four letters of the teacher’s last name. For example, John Smith, teaching at the ABC School, would have an id of: 999999999999johnsmit.  If a teacher has fewer than four letters in his or her first name or last name, the unique id for that teacher should include only as many letters as are contained in that name.  If there are two teachers within a school who share the exact same first and last names, please include a “2” at the end of one of these individual’s unique id.