03/24/2016 Updates


1) As a reminder, assessment questions related to field test selections, shipping questions, administration and policy should be sent to emscassessinfo@nysed.gov.

2) On Friday, April 1st, Questar will host the weekly call to provide details on the release of the secure browser.  It will be a webinar, and registration information will be sent out to the list of individuals who signed up for the weekly calls.  Information will also be sent out via the listservs.

3) The conference line for the weekly call will be changed.  The call-in details will be provided by email to the individuals who signed up for the weekly calls and to the CBT listserv.  If you participate in the weekly update and do not receive the new information before Friday, April 8th, please contact cbtsupport@nysed.gov


NYSAA Update

The NYSAA test administration window opened on Monday, March 21st. Feedback from schools testing in the first week has been positive.

Below are some highlights from DLM’s Technical Memo that we want to bring to your attention.

Q: When my student is logged in using the student’s user name and password, the options are “Take a Test” and “Practice First”.  When selecting “Practice First,” why does the message “No tests available” appear?

A: When you login using the student’s user name and password, you may only select “Take a Test.”  The “Practice First” option is only available when logged in using a demo student’s user name and password. To introduce your student to how the system works or to try out some of the PNP Supports log in using a demo student’s username and password.  Demo user names and passwords to practice are available in the document titled “Guide to Practice Activities and Released Testlets YE” posted at  http://www.dynamiclearningmaps.org/newyork.

Q:  Will I get an email from the service desk after I upload templates?

A:  You will only get an email if data are missing, an incorrect template is submitted, or requested changes have been completed.

Q:  How long will my Hawkdrive link and password be usable?

A:  A Hawkdrive link and password will only be available for 5 days, regardless of whether you use it or not. 

Q:  Why do I see “Restricted” when I use the Test Management Tab?

A:  The test management tab is restricted if the test administrator has not completed the required training and/or has not agreed to the security agreement.

Q:  How do I know if I have not agreed to the security agreement?

A:  In Educator Portal, click on My Profile and then click on Renewal/Expiration.  If the Agreement Election is not Agreed To, click on Security Agreement, select Agree, sign and submit. 

Special Circumstances Codes

The Special Circumstance codes are located on the same page as the TIPs, only educators have access to this information. NYSED will explore options to make this available to others.


3-8 Computer-Based Field Test Updates 

Questar’s Preview Administration Site will close at the end of the day on Friday, March 25th. If your RIC or BOCES had a test account in the system, it will no longer be available.

Questar Secure Browser

The secure browser is the next scheduled big release in preparation for the 2016 computer-based field tests.

NYSED is currently working with Questar to finalize the secure browser. We have a small team testing it out on numerous different devices and platforms to ensure it is ready for release. We have not set a release date because we want to make sure that the secure browser is fully ready before schools start downloading it to local devices. 

The secure browser will need to be downloaded onto all devices used for testing so we do not want to have to release any updates to the secure browser after it is released. Districts and schools will access the secure browser download through the Nextera Administration Site.

Districts will receive restricted access to the live Nextera Administration Site for the purposes of downloading the secure browser. This means that DTCs/STCs and district/school technology staff will be able to access the site starting next week or the following. Users will only receive access to the accounts tab and the Help tab which includes downloads.

More detail on the release of and access to the secure browser is forthcoming. Questar will join our statewide call on Friday, April 1st to provide an overview of the secure browser, discuss access, and answer installation questions.