How do I contact the DLM Service Desk for assistance with KITE/ Educator Portal?

Please contact the DLM Service Desk at 1-855-277-9751 (toll-free) or

The Service Desk provides support for a variety of situations, including:

  • testing environment issues
  • test administration and user account issues, including adding or editing District Test Coordinator and Building Test Coordinator information
  • student information issues

When contacting the Service Desk, provide as much detail as possible about the issues encountered and the system on which they occurred. Please include:

  • your contact information (email address and name)
  • the state and district in which your school is located
  • error messages, including the testlet number if applicable to the problem
  • operating system and browser information
  • status if using a local caching server
  • information about network configuration
  • DO NOT share Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via email.  This includes student names and dates of birth.


Test administrators should contact their local Technical Liaison if they encounter technical issues related to Internet availability, KITE™ client installation, display resolution, and/or issues with sound/headphones/speakers, etc.