04/01/2016 Updates


DLM is ready to resume limited testing. The network issues have been corrected, but DLM recommends limited testing for the remainder of the week while they monitor bandwidth and the return to testing.  Please note that the DLM Service Desk is also operational at this.


DLM has temporarily adjusted testlet delivery times. Through Friday, April 1, teachers will be able to administer up to two testlets per subject to each student each day. Teachers should plan for access to only one testlet per subject in the morning and one testlet per subject in the afternoon.  Testlet generation will take approximately one hour during this limited testing window.


A normal testing schedule can resume on Monday, April 4th. As a reminder, the DLM testing window is open until the close of day on Friday, June 3rd.


If a student was in the middle of a testlet when the outage occurred and logs in again before end of day Friday, April 1, the student’s prior responses may still be visible. In these cases, we strongly recommend that the teacher start the testlet from the beginning and confirm the student’s original responses before completing and submitting the testlet.


Local Caching Server

Please be advised that DLM has advised us that the  Local Caching Server (LCS) cannot be used to deliver DLM testlets.   The LCS should be uninstalled (see directions below) and the tests will need to be administered via a direct connection.  The DLM Service Desk will deny future requests for LCS downloads that are made and the DLM Technical Liaison Manual has been updated to indicate LCS should not be used with DLM assessments.  Additional communication will occur from NYSED directly to any districts/BOCES who may have begun testing via the LCS.

Uninstalling the Local Caching Server



3-8 Computer-Based Field Tests

CBT Optional Schools must contact the Questar New York State Customer Support Center at via e-mail to ny.3-8.help@QuestarAI.com by April 4, 2016 or fax to 952-997-2770 if the school is declining to participate in this computer-based field test.


Questar joined the April 1st call to provide an update on district access to the live Nextera Administration System.  

  • District Test Coordinators will receive an email from NY.3-8.help@questarai.com to set up an account to the live Nextera Administration System.
  • Access will be limited and will include the Home tab, the Accounts tab, and the Help tab.
  • Districts will be able to begin downloading the secure browser once access to the live Administration system is available.

RICs and BOCES will continue to be able to access their accounts in the Preview Administration Site for the duration of the field test.


The powerpoint from the Questar presentation is available here http://www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/programs/edtech/CBT%20Update%203-31-16.pdf