06/03/2016 Updates

CBT Updates

3-8 ELA and Math Field Test Updates

  • It’s been a good week, and we are seeing high testing numbers
    • 33,000 students have been tested so far.
    • The highest number of concurrent testers has been about 1,300, and some days are busier than others.
  • Feedback has been very helpful to NYSED. Please continue to email NYSED at CBTsupport@nysed.gov with any feedback.
    • NYSED is reading all feedback that comes in to CBTsupport@nysed.gov and we are compiling all of the feedback for consideration for next year.
    • NYSED is identifying some best practices and some differences across the platforms, and we will share this feedback once we have compiled it.
  • We have one more week left to complete CBT – the last day to test is Friday, June 10.

Questions Related to CBT Field Tests

Q: At a school where 150 students were testing simultaneously, there was a 5-7 minute delay when the students opened the test. Was the test downloading during this time? What might have caused this delay? Will there be an option for a local caching server for operational CBT? Is there any more technical documentation available on exactly how the secure browser works so that districts might troubleshoot the problem?

A: While some delay will occur while the test downloads to the device, 5-7 minutes is bordering excessive. Please email details to NYSED at CBTsupport@nysed.gov and we will look into this to see if Questar has any insight into why this might have happened.

Q: Can districts choose one building, grade level, and content area for CBT next year?

A: NYSED would like each school to choose which grades will participate in CBT and which grades will take the tests with paper and pencil. Both ELA and math would be tested in the same format for each grade, but CBT does not need to be rolled out for every grade in any given school next year.



Today is the last day of NYSAA testing.

Questions Related to NYSAA

Q: If a student has been unexpectedly absent and was unable to complete the test, what should the school do?

A:  The school should have a testlet generated for the student, and the administrator should go into the system and select the special circumstance code for absences. If you need assistance, please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov.

Q: Does the DTC lose the ability to add the “not tested” codes after the window closes today?

A: If the DTC is unable to enter codes after today, please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov for help.