04/22/2016 Updates

NYSAA Updates:

  • Please continue to send data requests to CBTSupport. Files should be uploaded to the IRSP.
  • Please note that the system is not set up to accept multiple files for the same scenario. If a second file for a duplicate scenario is uploaded before the first file is downloaded by NYSED, the second file will overwrite the first file.
  • Districts may include more than one line on the same scenario file (i.e. remove two different students from two different rosters, instead of submitting one file for each student).
  • The system accepts zipped files.
  • The goal for turnaround time is 24-48 hours.


3-8 ELA and Math Field Test Updates:

  • RIC Access to Secure Browser: An email was sent to the primary contact of each RIC as listed in the Preview Admin site with information on accessing Quester’s SFTP site, on which you can access the secure browser download.
  • RICs continue to have access to the Preview Admin site and should feel free to add fake data in order to gain familiarity with the functionality of the site.
  • NYSED is working diligently with Questar to get student data loaded into the system. The goal is by the end of next week, but there is no confirmed timeline.
  • NYSED is working with Questar to finalize the School Administrator Manual (SAM) and Teacher Directions for the CBT Field Test. Those will be available online the first week in May.  Hard copies will be mailed to participating schools the week before field testing.
  • NYSED is working with Questar to produce two resources related to test administrator training:
    • A Test Administrator Training Webinar will be offered twice during the first week in May. The webinars will be recorded and one will be made available for viewing.  Registration information will be sent through the CBT and Data Listservs as well as directly to the DTCs that NYSED has on file.  The intended audience is District and School Test Coordinators of schools participating in the Spring CBT Field Test, as well as district/RIC/BOCES professionals supporting CBT field test administration.
    • Eight additional short video tutorials are being recorded and will be posted on the NYSED CBT website. These tutorials will cover information such as adding/editing teachers/students/classes, and information proctors need to administer the CBT field test.
  • Information on accommodation tools will be included in the SAM and Teacher Directions.