04/29/2016 Updates

3-8 ELA and Math Field Tests Updates

Questar has loaded the Pre-ID file into the system and NYSED is finishing QC of data to ensure that the system is ready to be released to districts. NYSED expects to open the system early next week and will send a notification when the system is open. At that time, schools and districts will be able to log in and see the data.

The student data files are linked to teacher rosters; therefore, teacher accounts were added to the system with the student data. Teachers are identified in the system by their TEACH ID. NYSED is preparing a communication on options to activate teacher accounts.

Training webinars for test administration are scheduled for the following dates (the training is the same on both days, so it is only necessary to participate in one of the sessions):

  • Tuesday, May 3 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Thursday, May 5 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The training webinars will be recorded. If you and your colleagues are watching the webinar as a group, please register only once for each location, as the availability of connections is limited.

NYSED is finalizing several resources that will be available next week, including:

  • Short tutorial videos, available next week on the CBT website
  • Technical support documents for test administrators to have in hand during test administration. These documents will be differentiated by platform.
  • School administrators’ manual
  • Teacher directions

Information about the technical side of test administration, including downloading and testing the secure browser, will be covered in the video tutorials. Additional information is setup and installation guide, which provides instructions for setting up the secure browser, troubleshooting tips, etc.


NYSAA Feedback and Questions

The backlog of data changes has been cleared. NYSED is currently working through tickets as they are submitted to CBTSupport. 

There will be two teacher surveys:

  1. One survey will go to all 16 states that are part of the consortium
  2. One survey that will be specific to how we implement DLM in New York State

Test dates and other important dates for next year should be finalized in May.