05/06/2016 Updates

CBT Updates

3-8 ELA and Math Field Tests

The following communications were released to the field this week:

  • Tuesday communication:
    • The student data has been uploaded to the system and is available for districts to access. The data was pulled on April 8.
    • Information on teacher activation
    • The Tests tab within the Nextera admin system is being withheld for security purposes, but it will be made available on May 16.
      • Through the Tests tab, districts will be able to access student login credentials and access codes for the tests.
      • Clarification on “active” vs. “activated”:
        • Active: If a teacher’s information was uploaded with the student data files, that teacher is technically “active” within the system. In this case, the “active” box will be checked within the teacher’s profile. To determine whether a teacher is active, districts can go to Account tab, select Teachers, then select View next to the teacher’s name.
        • Activated: Without an email address connected to the teacher’s account, the teacher’s account is not “activated.” If the teacher’s account is not activated, the teacher cannot log in to view his or her students’ usernames and passwords or the class’s test access code.
        • Districts should make sure that teachers’ accounts are activated if they want teachers to be able to log into the system to view their students’ information. However, a district is not required to grant teachers access to the system, as long as the district has created a plan to deliver the student log in credentials and test access codes to teachers on the day of the tests.
        • For questions about teacher activation, please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov.
      • The School Administrator’s Manual has been released to the field and is available on the State Assessment website. Many common questions are answered in the manual.
      • NYSED released several new tutorial videos.
    • Wednesday communication:
      • If a student with an IEP/504 plan has a read aloud accommodation (for math only), there are two options (the chosen option should be selected in the Nextera admin system ahead of time):
        • Text to speech function in the Nextera system
          • If the district elects to use this option, the district must ensure that the student receiving the accommodation is provided with headphones if other students are in the same room.
        • Human read aloud
          • If the district elects to use this option, the district must contact Questar by Tuesday, May 10 with the number of teacher booklets they will need in order to have the teachers read the tests aloud to the students.

Training and Materials for Field Testing

Questar test administration webinars took place on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. NYSED is working through the questions we received from both webinars, and answers will be provided on the CBT support website. If you still have questions, please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov.

Additional resources:

  • Updated webinar slides will be available today on the CBT website
  • Webinar video recording will be available by Monday
  • Additional video tutorials will be available next week
  • Technical support documents will be available next week

Questions Related to Field Testing

  • Will NYSED provide a sample parent letter related to field testing? No – districts will craft their own communications.
  • Will the issue with the highlighting tool be fixed? This is a known issue and Questar is working on a resolution.
  • When will the screen reader sample be available? The video will be released at beginning of next week.
  • If accommodations are selected for a student in the system, can they be changed once the student starts taking the test? No. However, districts do not need to tell us this year if the student did or did not use the accommodation.

If districts experience problems with Questar support, please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov and let us know. Provide details about how you made contact, what you have heard back from Questar, and the amount of time in between each communication.

Information about the STN (student testing number)
This number was auto-populated when the student data file was loaded and is different than the state ID (NYSSIS ID). For districts and schools that have to add students, the STN is a required field. If you need to add new students to the system, you can put the NYSSIS ID into both the STN field and State ID field.

NYSAA Updates

The NYSAA ELA & Math DLM testing window closes on June 3.

The revised data lockdown procedure through CBT support has been successful. We have processed 200 inquiries and we have been able to provide an initial response to each inquiry within 24 hours.

We have about 23,000 students on the ELA roster and 23,000 students on the math roster. Of those, 95% have completed a first contact survey. About 40% have completed all of the required checklists. About 75% of students have started testing.

Please visit the CBT support website or email CBTsupport@nysed.gov for questions/assistance related to NYSSA.