05/13/2016 Updates

CBT Updates

3-8 ELA and Math Field Test Updates

Field tests will begin on Monday, May 23. We have a 3-week field test window, and schools can use any day or days within that window to administer the test.

At the Board of Regents meeting on Monday, NYSED will provide an update to the Regents on CBT. One major focus will be the readiness and success stories from across the state.

Test tab will be available on Monday, May 16 in the admin system.  Schools will be able to access student log in credentials and test Access Codes.

Communications over the next week:

  • A Welcome Email will go out early next week to superintendents, principals, DTCs, etc. providing a high-level overview of what they should expect as we enter the testing window. This email will include information about known issues that NYSED is tracking.
  • Communication about the secure browser
    • The text to speech option has been turned off in the admin system. Anyone who selected that accommodation will receive a communication from Quester about using the read aloud option instead. The read aloud materials should arrive at schools by Friday, May 20.
    • Final testing of the system is taking place. If a browser update is necessary, NYSED will communicate about this early next week.

Questions Related to Field Testing

Q: Registration – does the DTC have to register in Nextera?

A: Although registration was requested, registration is now closed. It is okay if your district did not complete the registration process; there are no ramifications for CBT field testing this year.

Q: Should we record accommodations like separate location?

A: No, separate location is not recorded. Next year, NYSED will have a process in place to record these accommodations.



The testing window is still open until June 3. Please ensure all tests are on track to be completed by that date.

May 18 has been identified as the last day for:

  • Student grade changes
  • Adding new students

If data changes required and are being submitted to CBT support using the DLM data lockdown template, an email needs to be submitted to CBTsupport@nysed.gov indicating that a file has been uploaded. NYSED currently does not have an automated notification system.

Now that the testing window is nearing a close, NYSED is identifying needed improvements. To this end, NYSED has convened a NYSAA Advisory Panel, made up of teachers and some BOCES test administrators. They came to Albany this week for a full-day meeting and worked through the issues that happened this year and talked about how we can resolve them for next year. The Advisory Panel had discussions on the following:

  1. Data and CBT changes for next year
  2. Professional development and training – NYSED needs to ensure that folks from the data side and also the teachers are aware of what the districts are doing and to ensure communication is better in general.
  3. NYSED continues to receive positive feedback about the test, but there is room for improvement. For instance, we need to identify the manipulatives ahead of time that will be required for the test.
  4. Customer service – we have done a lot of work on this throughout the testing window, and we will do more work to ensure that customer service isn’t an issue next year. This will include:
    1. Providing more feedback and communicating proactively rather than users having to call into the help desk so frequently
    2. Wait times on the help desk line will be much shorter

Questions Related to NYSSA

Q: Do districts need to do anything once their students are finished testing?

A: Once the student has completed all testlets for that grade, then testing is complete for that student. NYSED is working on a better way next year to assure districts that students have completed the test.

Q: When a non-tested form is being used, how will that show up in the system for scoring?

A: NYSED will check into this and follow up.

Q: District submitted their test administration report yesterday, but the CSV file is empty.

A: Please email CBTsupport@nysed.gov