05/27/2016 Updates

CBT Updates

3-8 ELA and Math Field Test Updates

  • Testing began on Monday, May 23 and will continue until June 10.
  • If you notice any problems that have not yet been identified on our Spring Testing Known Issues page, please let us know by contacting CBTsupport@nysed.gov.
  • The Setup and Installation Guide was updated on May 20. A list of changes is available at the beginning of the document
  • Please ensure that students click “I’m done” button when they are finished with the test.
  • If student is not actively engaged with the device (e.g., reading a passage for an extended period of time), sometimes the settings on the device (such as a screen saver) cause the secure browser to close and prompts the student to log back in. Please check these settings on your testing devices.
  • To ensure a stable testing environment with minimal issues, observe these guidelines during student testing:
    • Minimize network traffic load on the network servers and avoid performing client software updates, patching, and data backups.
    • Remove bandwidth throttling on ports 80 and 443.
    • Minimize or turn off network bandwidth intensive programs (e.g., streaming music and video).
  • If a student requires the Read-aloud accommodation, the accommodation needs to be selected before the student begins the test (otherwise, the student may not be assigned to the correct form). If the accommodation isn’t pre-selected and the student needs to have it, please call Questar’s help desk at 866-997-0695.


May 18 was the last day to add new students to the portal. The final day for testing is June 3.

Completion rates:

Of the districts with students taking the NYSAA exam, 8 districts have completed 100% of the testlets, and 140 districts have completed 90% of the testlets or more. However, 200 districts have completed 90% of the testlets or less. Please complete the testing process and ensure all of these students have the opportunity to participate. Any student who is NYSAA-eligible and does not participate in the test does count in accountability rates. For questions, please contact cbtsupport@nysed.gov.

Questions Related to NYSAA

Q: Can completion rate information be obtained by BOCES/region?

A:  It isn’t easy to pull the data from the system in this way, but you can contact cbtsupport@nysed.gov and NYSED will collaborate with your region on a solution.

Q: Will NYSED send out a reminder to complete the NYSAA exam?

A: NYSED leadership will be notified of this request.