New Version of KITE Client for 2016-17

KITE Client 3.0 Release and Service Desk Open Forum Sessions
September 19, 2016


On September 19 KITE® Client 3.0 was released and made available for download. It is required that all testing devices must be updated to the new KITE Client in order to deliver the DLM alternate assessment for the 2016-17 school year. You will not be able to administer any tests on previous versions of KITE Client. The 3.0 download, instructions, and a list of supported platforms can be found here. Installation and updates are typically handled by your local technology personnel. Please note that Windows users MUST delete older KITE® Client folders from your Program Files (x86) folder before installing version 3.0.


In an effort to provide support to districts when installing KITE® Client 3.0, the DLM Service Desk will host two open forum sessions for users who require assistance during the install. The first forum session is September 19–21 and the second session is September 26–28 from 8–5 Central Time. The phone number and PIN needed to dial in to the KITE open forum sessions are listed below.  


Open Forum Call-in Number: 877-278-8686

PIN: 233244

NOTE:  Corrected phone number and PIN were posted here on 9/20/16 @ 3:17 p.m.