09/30/2016 Updates

CBT call notes 9/30/16


Score reports/ISRs will be released on Monday, October 3

Revised manuals were released by DLM and reflect changes to new KITE client software.  There are custom changes for New York.  Available on CBTsupport under NYSAA. 

AATN training has begun

Reminder: Educator Portal and Nextera systems are completely distinct systems and not connected to NYSED systems.

All NYSAA-eligible students (code 0220) must be in warehouse by Friday, November 11 in order to be included in the one enrollment data pull NYSED will do for Educator Portal.


A draft, high-level data flow diagram has been released.  Please email CBTSupport@nysed.gov with any feedback.

An updated Question Sampler is planned to be released in October.  The Question Sampler will show updates to the testing platform that will be available for operational and field testing in the Spring.  The question sampler will be linked to the CBTsupport website: http://www.nysed.gov/edtech/schools/question-sampler.

In-person training throughout the state is scheduled for January 9 – 20.  A schedule and registration information will be released in October.  These trainings will cover test administration, tech readiness, and high-level information on the ScorePoint platform.


Technical notes:

Question sampler will be supported in Chrome.

ScorePoint is web-based and also supported through Chrome.

No plans to update secure browser for this year; it is still valid from last year.

Android and Linux systems are not supported for operational or field testing.  Any districts that use only Android or Linux but would like to participate in computer based testing should email Shannon Logan directly at Shannon.Logan@nysed.gov.