NYSED to Submit One-Time Enrollment File to Educator Portal for 2016-17 NYSAA Administration

For the 2016-17 NYSAA ELA and mathematics administration, NYSED will submit one enrollment file to Educator Portal on behalf of districts and schools.

All NYSAA-eligible students need to be loaded to the State Student Information Repository System (SIRS) by Friday, November 18, 2016 in order to be included in this one enrollment file submission.

NYSED works closely with the Regional Information Centers (RICs) and Big 5 data centers, who work closely with districts, in order to load student data to SIRS.

Please contact your district test coordinator, district data coordinator or chief information officer for more information and assistance to ensure that NYSAA-eligible students are in SIRS by the November 11th deadline.

A listing of district test coordinators can be found here.