11/04/16 Updates

CBT call notes 11/4/16


  • Within the next couple of days, we will be releasing 3-8 ordering memo, online ordering request for principals, updated schedule for 3-8 testing, and screenshots. After the memo is posted, it will be shared on all appropriate listservs.
  • Clarification about electronic scoring: Among three entities (schools, small districts, BOCES, scoring vendors), one needs to be chosen through Nextera admin as the scoring location (lead scoring entity). Regional scoring through BOCES can either use the Questar scoring platform or with with SED and Questar to develop their own scoring platform.
  • Teachers who administer CBT can score paper-based tests and vice versa.
  • New Question Sampler has been released: https://ny-practice.nextera.questarai.com/. Some new features and functionalities include:
    • Directions for tutorial updated to match ELA or math
    • Test taking tools are located in one toolbar at bottom left of the screen
    • Question review redesign: when last question is answered, “Review” button changes to “Review and Submit”.
    • New equation editor for math
    • Larger ELA constructed response box
  • Text to speech functionality is not yet available; still being developed with Questar.
  • Also please note that the question sampler is for simulation only; results will not be recorded.
  • Send questions to CBTsupport@nysed.gov.


  • Reminder: All NYSAA-eligible students (code 0220) must be in warehouse by Friday, November 11 in order to be included in the one enrollment data pull NYSED will do for Educator Portal. Students will be pulled according to Date of Birth and the Age Range chart.  We will be pulling the data the week of November 14, and loading enrollment data to Educator Portal the week of November 21.
  • If you miss the November 11 deadline or have students that need to be loaded afterward, this must be done by the Data Test Coordinator. Fewer than 25 additional students should be loaded manually.
  • Students who do not fall into the age range for NYSAA (older than 18) will not be captured in the enrollment pulled out of the data warehouse. These students must be handled at the district level.
  • Communications reminder: Please do not send emails on the same topic to CBTSupport, DLM, and the Office of State Assessment. For account issues, contact CBTSupport or DLM; for policy issues, contact OSA.
  • SED is not submitting roster data for districts this year. If a large district would like SED to submit its roster data, send an email to CBTsupport@nysed.gov with subject line “Roster Upload.”
  • Rosters must be set up prior to completing the First Contact survey. The survey should be completed by January 13.