What is the Educator Identifier?

In order to add a teacher as a user in Educator Portal and attach him or her to a roster, an Educator Identifier is required.

For public school/charter/BOCES teachers, this id is the TEACH ID.  Please visit here for information on how to obtain a TEACH ID.

For nonpublic school teachers, this id is a combination of the nonpublic school’s BEDSCODE, the first four letters of the teacher’s first name and the first four letters of the teachers’ last name.

Nonpublic entity teacher unique ids will consist of the 12 DIGIT BEDSCODE of the entity, plus the first four letters of the first name and first four letters of the last name.  For example, John Smith teaching at the ABC School would have an id of 999999999999johnsmit

If a teacher has fewer than four letters in their first name or last name, it is OK to use fewer letters.  If there are two teachers with the exact same name at an entity, please include a “2” at the end of one of these individual’s last name.

BEDSCODEs, or SED Codes, can be found at http://portal.nysed.gov/portal/pls/portal/SED.sed_inst_qry_vw$.startup