Grades 3-8 CBT Technology Readiness Requirements & Guidelines

In November, Questar will provide an online form for completing this verification. The following table and downloadable PDF provide the grades 3-8 CBT Tech Readiness requirements and guidelines for schools and districts that are planning to "go" CBT in spring 2017.

To participate in operational grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics CBT (not stand-alone field tests), the school principal or school test coordinator must verify his/her school will be ready to administer assessments on computer in spring 2017. This is only required for schools that have indicated that they will be administering one or more operational 3-8 ELA and/or math assessments in the 2016-17 school year. 

The principal should work with school, district, RIC, and BOCES staff as necessary and appropriate to confirm that the school can meet the requirements and conditions as outlined in the checklist.

The deadline to complete the checklist and submit verification is December 31, 2016.

Please note, any school that either fails to verify by the given deadline or is not able to show technology readiness will be reverted to paper-based testing.

There are many variables that factor into determining readiness for online testing.  If you have questions about your school’s ability to test online, or about available resources that will help you better understand the requirements in the checklist, contact your district, RIC, BOCES, or Questar Customer Support at 866-997-0695 or

Technology Category Requirements Guidance/Resources
Devices Every student must have access to a computer device that meets the minimum technology specifications (and has access to an external keyboard) on the days that student is scheduled to test.
  • Schools must schedule primary test administration for an entire grade on the same days. For example, “splitting” a grade to administer the test to a portion of students in a single grade over the first days of the CBT administration and a second portion of the students in the same grade over the last days of test administration window is not allowed.  Administering the assessment to one grade during the first days of the window and then to a different grade in the last days of the window is acceptable.
  • Information on whether devices meet minimum technical requirements can be found at There is also a test that can be run on the devices to determine if they meet minimum technical requirements.
  • For more information, refer to Appendix B in the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide for a list of supported devices.  The guide can be found here:
 Bandwidth Schools must have adequate bandwidth to support CBT on the days scheduled for test administration.
 Network  The instructions provided in the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide must be followed prior to CBT administration, including the following (if applicable):
  • Ensure the Questar URLs are allowed within your network firewalls (whitelisting)
  • Network Configuration changes
  • Implementing iPad or Chromebook configuration policies
 Installation A process must exist to download, deploy, and update (if necessary) the Nextera Secure Browser on all student devices to be used for CBT. 
 Space Suitable physical space must be available for CBT.  
 Staff Staff member(s) must be identified as point(s) of contact for technology support before and during CBT.
  • The number of staff member(s) required is locally determined.  See your school/district/BOCES/RIC professionals for guidance.
Staff Teachers and proctors administering CBT will receive information and training on the Nextera online assessment system.
  • The Teacher’s Directions will be updated for 2016-17 administration. The 2015-16 Field Test Teacher’s Directions are available at
  • The degree of teacher/proctor training on the system is locally determined.  See your district/BOCES/RIC as appropriate for guidance.
Students Students who will be taking a NYS 3-8 ELA and/or math assessment on computer will be familiarized with the Nextera online testing platform prior to test administration.
  • The New York Question Sampler, available online at, allows users to preview test questions in a platform that closely resembles the secure test platform that students will use for the actual test.
  • The degree of student familiarity with the system is locally determined. See your district/BOCES/RIC as appropriate for guidance.