Who is the grade 3-8 District Test Coordinator (DTC) in my district?

Attached to this article is a file that identifies the grades 3-8 District Test Coordinators (DTCs) that are identified in SEDREF, NYSED’s portal for core information on SED Institutions. The file name reflects the date of report creation. We will be updating this report monthly and posting to CBT Support.

All district and school leaders should consult his report to determine if NYSED has the correct DTC identified for their district. In the spring, the district test coordinators will be provided with access to the Nextera test administrator portal (Nextera Admin) if the school is participating in operational CBT or field testing on computers.

If Nextera Admin does not have the correct DTC and SEDREF does, then please ask CBT Support to send confirmation of your district's updated DTC to Questar for creation of a new DTC account. 

If the DTC identified in the report is incorrect, then please follow the instructions from the How do I change the District Test Coordinator (DTC) for my district article to update the person identified in SEDREF. Upon update in SEDREF, the DTC will be updated in the next month’s DTC report available from this CBT Support article.

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