11/18/16 Updates

CBT call notes 11/18/16


  • New Question Sampler for 2017 testing is available, featuring online tools and enhanced interface. FAQ on CBTsupport will lead to it; it is in the same URL as last year.
  • Tech readiness checklist is available as an online form on Nextera admin. Tentative available date is December 5.  Only principals and DTCs who have ordered exams will be contacted to log in.
  • ScorePoint/CBT scoring: will add FAQs to CBTsupport to address this.
  • We are communicating with scoring vendors as a courtesy to verify whether they intend to make their services available for CBT scoring. Scoring contracts are local decisions.
  • Send questions to CBTsupport@nysed.gov.


  • Today is the deadline for NYSSA-eligible students to be loaded to the state data warehouse in order to be included in the enrollment file that will be submitted to Educator Portal. The enrollment file will be pulled on Monday, November 21.  By the week of November 28, all students should be loaded to Educator Portal.
  • Reminder: New teachers who need to attend DLM training need to be added to Educator Portal, which will then link them to the Moodle training site. It is a seamless process, but does take several hours before a teacher shows up in the training extract to signal that s/he has completed the training.
  • In some instances, a teacher attended the AATN training and may have been added to the Moodle without being added first to Educator Portal. In this case, please let us know the teacher’s email address and district so we can make sure they are loaded.
  • Rosters must be set up prior to completing the First Contact survey. The survey should be completed by January 13.