12/2/16 Updates

CBT call notes 12/2/16


  • Enrollment file has been loaded to Educator Portal.
  • Resolved issue: High school students had been loaded outside age range with grade above 10, but now all high school enrolled students should be accurate.
  • Districts and District Test Coordinators: as a best practice, please review enrollment data and exit students who are not going to be tested/are in the system in error.
  • Once enrollment data are verified, districts must create their rosters. NYSED is not submitting a roster file this year.
  • Reminder: On CBTsupport.nysed.gov, sign up to “follow” so that you receive notifications when new material is posted.
  • Reminder: Teachers must complete required training. Once this is done and the rosters have been created, teachers can complete the First Contact Survey and Personal Needs Profile (PNP).  SED recommends that this process be completed by January 13, 2017.



  • Over half of schools have placed orders.  Remember that the deadline is December 16 for ordering.
  • If districts place orders for operational, they will have to complete the tech readiness checklist.  Emails will start to go out to districts early next week.  Here’s how it will go:
    • NYSED will provide QAI a list of schools that have ordered operational CBT. 
    • Questar will manually activate the accounts of the principals of those schools (this is a new role) and the district DTC. 
      • An updated DTC list is available on CBT Support.
    • The Principal and the DTC will get separate, automatically-generated emails from Nextera Admin with login information.  As a reminder, the data in Nextera Admin was wiped after the field test. We also encourage you to share with districts that they should whitelist emails from questarai.com.
    • Soon after receiving the automatic email, Questar will manually send principals information on how to complete the Tech Readiness Checklist (TRC).  DTCs will be copied on emails to principals.  This does mean that some DTCs will receive multiple emails from Questar – one for each school in the district that signed up for operational.
  • Principals, DTCs, and STCs are the only individuals who can complete the TRC.
  • If the District or School wishes the STC to complete the TRC, the STC role will have to be manually created.  DTCs and Principals both have the right to create an STC account.  Currently, the only accounts that are available in Nextera Admin are DTC, PRN, and STC. DLU, BLU, DITC, and SITC will be available in coming weeks.
  • A TRC must be completed for each school.  There is no ability for a DTC to do a “district” TRC.
  • Note that the only features/functionality available in Nextera Admin at this time is the ability to complete the Tech Readiness Checklist and create an STC. The secure browsers will also be available for download.  
  • In addition to verifying tech readiness, the TRC will also require schools to select a Lead Scoring Entity (LSE). 
    • They will type the name of the location into a box, which will provide a “smart search.” 
    • The LSE is the location of the individual who will be leading a scoring consortium.  It will be indicated by name, address, and BEDS Code.
    • It does NOT need to be the physical location where the responses will be scored. 
      • What we have heard from some schools that are organizing a scoring consortium is that they are determining the Lead Scoring Entity by the school from where the Lead Scorer teaches.
  • PLEASE be sure to message to districts that the LSE must be exactly the same.  Schools, Districts, and BOCES may have numerous BEDS codes/addresses.  There are multiple schools with exactly the same name.
  • If your District or BOCES plans to lead regional scoring in your area, PLEASE message the appropriate location to your schools.
  • Once the deadline for submitting the TRC has ended, Questar will send an email to the most-senior person of the location indicated as the LSE. 
    • For school locations, this would be the principal
    • For district locations, this would be the DTC
    • For BOCES, this would be the superintendent
  • If that person will not be involved in scoring, a plan must be developed at the local level to forward the email to the appropriate person.  That email will include instructions and next steps.
  • LSEs can be changed up to the TRC submission deadline.
  • As a reminder, failure to submit a TRC will result in the school being reverted to PBT.
  • We are finalizing plans for the January Roadshow. 
    • We plan to reach out to the locations that have offered to host early next week to nail down agendas and schedules. 
    • We will release a schedule and registration link once we finalize plans with the locations.  Here are the general locations:
      • Jan 9 – Albany
      • Jan 10 – Oneida
      • Jan 11 – Buffalo
      • Jan 12 – Rochester
      • Jan 17 – Binghamton
      • Jan 18 – Westchester
      • Jan 19 – NYC
      • Jan 20 – Long Island
  • For individuals who cannot travel, and just as we did last year, we will be hosting a roadshow webinar after the in-person trainings. The Webinar is tentatively set for Monday, January 30.
  • The Roadshow and follow-up webinar will provide a general overview and information on test administration.  These trainings will not go into detail on the ScorePoint System.
  • Trainings specifically on ScorePoint will be conducted in late Feb/early March.  We will provide more information soon.
  • An informational video on ScorePoint has been released and is available to the public from NYSED’s main CBT page and CBT Support.
  • There is also updated information on scoring on CBTSupport.
  • Questions from the field/Additional Updates
    • TTS/Read Aloud – With the recently released memo indicating that the Read Aloud accommodation is available for 3-8 ELA tests, we have been receiving numerous questions about how to order Test Read in the ordering system.  We are working on guidance and will make that available on CBTSupport soon.  Please be sure to sign up to follow CBTSupport to receive alerts when articles are posted.
    • We are still finalizing the TTS functionality for Math in the Nextera TDS.  We hope to release in the coming week to 10 days. We are working on TTS for ELA and will release that for all grades in the spring.
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