When will I receive my Nextera Admin login to verify CBT Tech Readiness?

Beginning on December 6th, 2016, the first "Welcome to Nextera" emails will be sent to principals and district test coordinators for schools that have ordered at least one grade of ELA or math CBT. The email will come from Questar. Please be sure to allow this email address. 

We will be providing Questar/Nextera with bi-weekly CBT orders so that principals and district test coordinators from schools that have yet to submit their CBT order through the NYSED online examination request system will be contacted within a few days of submitting a CBT order online. 

Principals and district test coordinators will first receive their Nextera Admin login via email, then another email will follow with additional instructions for completing the Tech Readiness Checklist, including a Quick Reference Guide. 

If you believe your school has submitted a CBT order through NYSED but you have not yet received a "Welcome to Nextera" email with your login credentials, please first check your spam filter and then contact CBT Support by email with "CBT Order and Nextera Admin Login" in the subject line. We will research the issue for you. 

The Nextera Admin Tech Readiness Checklist is available for users who log in onto the Nextera Admin page.