Do I need to verify Tech Readiness if my school is administering computer-based Field Testing (SAFT)?

No, you do not need to "verify" Tech Readiness via Nextera Admin IF your school is only administering computer-based field testing (stand-alone field testing or SAFT). However, you should review the Tech Readiness Checklist and make sure your school meets the requirements and follows the guidelines for a successful computer-based field testing administration. 

NYSED is only requiring "verification" of CBT Tech Readiness for those schools that order Grades 3-8 operational CBT ELA and math.

In order to administer operational CBT in spring 2018, schools must verify they meet all eight areas of tech readiness within the Nextera Admin online form. Only those principals and district test coordinators (DTC) from schools that have ordered operational CBT will be contacted by Nextera to verify CBT Tech Readiness. 

You can find on CBT Support within the CBT Resources section, The CBT Tech Readiness Checklist.