Do I need to verify Technology Readiness if my school has ordered Grades 3-8 operational CBT ELA or Math?


Yes, principals need to "verify" CBT Technology Readiness via Nextera Admin if your school has ordered  any subject/grade level of Grades 3-8 operational CBT ELA or math. Once a school submits a test order for any subject/grade level(s) CBT, the principal and/or district test coordinator (DTC) will be contacted by Questar with a "Welcome to Nextera" email that includes login credentials to Nextera Admin. 

To verify CBT Technology Readiness, schools must confirm via an online form in Nextera Admin that they meet all ten areas of technology readiness. Only those principals and district test coordinators (DTC) from schools that have ordered operational CBT will be contacted by Nextera to verify CBT Technology Readiness. 

Note that if your school is only administering computer-based field tests (stand-alone field testing or SAFT), you do not need to "verify" technology readiness through Nextera Admin. However, your school should review the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist and make sure your school meets the requirements and follows the guidelines for a successful computer-based field testing administration. 

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