Background Color/Reverse Contrast Tool Option is available to all students.

All students have the option to change the background color or to set reverse contrast in the computer-based test delivery system using the color choice tool. Students can choose from the background color choices of blue, green, pink, or yellow with black text; or students can select reverse contrast with white text and a black background to make text easier to read.

Note that some of images in the tests may be best viewed in black text on white or color background. This is especially true of the science tests where photographs often serve as stimuli or scientific resources that students will use when answering questions. Students are able to switch the color choice setting from Reverse Contrast back to black text with a white or color background for clarification of the details on an image. Please provide this information to your students and have them practice switching between the color choices. Note also that adjusting the brightness setting on the student device screen display can impact how the details of an image or diagram display when in reverse contrast.

The statewide simulation is a good time for students who will make use of this tool to practice this as well as all features and functionalities of the test delivery system.

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