Adding Grade 7 Students to Grade 8 Science

This article provides guidance for indicating in Nextera Admin those Grade 7 students who will be taking the Grade 8 Intermediate-Level Science Test based on having completed all of the material in the Intermediate-Level Science Core Curriculum, Grades 5–8 and are being considered for placement in an accelerated high school level science course when they are in Grade 8. The inclusion of Grade 7 students who meet these criteria is a local decision. (Additional guidance on administering the Grade 8 Science test to Grade 7 students can be found in the Grades 3-8 School Administrator’s Manual.)

There are two options in Nextera Admin for setting Grade 7 students up to take the Grade 8 Science Test.

Option 1: Edit Student Record from the Students Tab

You can add a student to a Grade 8 Science class by editing the student record from the Students Tab.

Go to Students tab and click View for the student record you want to update. Click Edit and then in the science content area, select the science class you are adding the student to and click Save.

Option 2: Edit Class from the Classes Tab

From the Classes tab, select the class you will be adding students to. Click Edit.

When editing the class, move unassigned Grade 7 students into the class and click save.

Note that multiple students can be added to a science class at one time by selecting more than one from the listing of unassigned students and them moving them to the respective class.

Confirm Form Assignment:

View the Class from the Tests<Tests tab to confirm that grade 7 students have been added and are assigned a grade 8 Science form.

The ‘SC_08’ in this example indicates that it is a Science test for Grade 8.

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