Why do CBT scorers have to identify their home school affiliation in ScorePoint?

To ensure that a CBT scorer does not score her/his own school's student responses, the ScorePoint system asks a scorer to self-identify upon first login by providing their home-school affiliation. A scorer should make their best effort to determine what school they are most closely affiliated with, considering that some scorers may be employed in one school district and have children who attend a different school district. The scorer will pick the school district of employment for their home affiliation when the scorer is currently employed in a New York State school district. 

The below definition is from page 25 of the 2017 ScorePoint Manual

Requesting Logins:  As the Scoring Director you have the ability to request logins for all Readers and Team Leaders by following these steps. Readers and Team Leaders should be associated with the New York state school with which they are mostly closely aligned. This would be the school at which they are currently employed at a full or part time basis. If the reader or team leader is not currently employed by a school this should be the school where they were previously employed, where their children attend school, or closest where they live. In providing responses for readers to score, ScorePoint will not provide any responses to the reader written by students enrolled in the school with which the reader is associated.

From page 7 of the ScorePoint Manual:


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