1/26/18: Weekly CBT Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

Roadshows kick off next week!

  • We still have available seating at nearly all locations:
    • NERIC is closed!
    • SCRIC only has a few seats left!

Update on Text-to-Speech in conjunction with the online highlighter tool:

  • When the robots are reading the TTS exam to the student, the words on the page are highlighted during the reading.
  • This “highlighting” is the same “functionality pathway” that the student’s online highlighter uses.
    • For this reason, a student cannot highlight words in a passage or test question WHILE the robots are reading the TTS exam to the student.
    • The student will need to pause the robot reading and then use the online highlighter tool in the Nextera Secure Browser.
  • Upon discussion about this functionality with Questar, we realize that some of the feedback we received last year (complaints) may have been related to this scenario.
  • We will make this functionality constraint clear this year.
  • We have asked Questar to investigate decoupling these two “highlighter” features for next year.

Equation Editor and Show Your Work: we’ve received a few email to CBT Support about how students will show their work in CBT versus PBT.


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