2/2/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 2/2/18

Hot topics at the first week of CBT roadshows:

  • Loss of internet connectivity
    • When can a student keep testing, how is test submission effected
  • When can more than one student using a testing device:
  • Proctoring and how CBT changes with a virtual space—we had great ideas shared:
    • Consider running a command center where the tech colleagues are watching Nextera Admin Testing Status Details pages in a “Command Center” environment
    • Then proctors can be active in the classroom and not be stuck behind a computer screen to watch progress
    • Another district shared where they had tech colleagues situated in the hallways during CBT; if an issue arose, the proctor simply had to step outside the classroom to ask for assistance—this resulted in minimal distraction to students testing
  • Does the teacher in Nextera Admin have to be the teacher of record?
    • Many questions about the “teacher” role in relation to classes.
    • Classes are really “virtual testing spaces” – they are a way to group students for testing to provide a group of students with the same access code.
  • CBT testing accommodations
  • Setting Not Tested Codes
    • Great tip: use index cards for student login tickets and have any students who are not going to be testing note this on the back of their index card—because you do not need to set Not Tested Codes immediately; ensuring a seamless testing environment for the students who are testing is the priority

We understand we need to consider moving some CBT dates due to spring breaks. We are working on this—hold tight!

  • Regards Proctor Webinar and availability of Tests tab for printing login tickets.

ScorePoint registration is posted: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360000469352-Registration-Regional-CBT-ScorePoint-Winter-Training-Sessions-March-2018


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