Q&A from the CBT Winter Statewide Webinar, February 12, 2018

The table below provides the questions with answers that were asked by participants during the CBT Winter Statewide Webinar held on February 12, 2018 that provided the same content as the Regional CBT Winter Training Sessions. 

The presentation slides can be found on CBT Support in the "Resources" section. 


Question Answer  NYSED Additional Comments
What was the name of the alternative equation editor? The example math software is called ALEKS.  Schools should check with their BOCES about availability to software. 
Can multiple grade levels be tested within the same testing class? We do not have a rule about that, but please note that the Teacher's Directions are different for each grade level. For that reason--the directions are read to the class--this may not be the best testing experience for students who have to sit through another grade level's directions.  In Nextera Admin, students in multiple grade levels can be added to the same class. It is the grade-level assignment and not the class that controls the test that is delivered electronically to the student for CBT. 
Can you clarify again what scrap paper is allowed for each test? For ELA, students are provided with one piece of lined paper. For Math students are provided with one unlined sheet of paper, and one piece of graph paper. Proctors will have more on-hand.   Please see the article on CBT Support for scratch paper guidelines.
Where are the teacher/proctor directions (online or paper)? 2018 Teacher directions are not available yet. When they are available, the 2018 Teacher Directions will be posted on the Office of State Assessment website and copies will be sent to schools participating in CBT.  Last year's copies are still posted.  You may review these as examples of teacher directions.  We will also provide a link to the Teacher's Directions from CBT Support, as with last year's article.
Good Morning.  Could you please tell us if there will also be a recording available of today's webinar?   Yes, there will be a recording posted 48 hours after the webinar. It'll be on CBT Support under "CBT Resources."  The webinar recording is available.
Do you recommend that the student logs into the computer with their own username or a separate name that we create? The student can access the computer with their own username/password. The username to the Nextera Secure Browser, the operational test, will be the user's NYSSIS ID. Login tickets are created in Nextera Admin.  
If a student does not use an accomodation that they are entitled to, is there a need to remove it form their list of accomodations?  In paper based, we only list the accomodations that students actually use. Similarly for CBT, only accommodations that will be used for the computer-based tests by the student should be listed. There is an article in CBT Support to show how to set student testing accommodations. 
Is Ed Vista being used for scoring?   Educational Vista's is a scoring vendor/contractor that works in NYS. There are 5 scoring vendors in the state.  Districts would contract with them is they wish.  The list of scoring vendors that work in NYS can be found on CBT Support. 
If you have students placed in programs outside or your district...how do they access their CBT? OODP students will take the test that is being administered at their Out of District Placement (OODP) school. If you are a CBT district and have OODP students, you need to communicate with those schools to determine if you need to send print answer sheets for those students.  Please contact your RIC for more assistance with OODP students and CBT. 
Just to clarify because we all heard something different in my room  - with the notes section, can students cut and paste from the passage to the notes? And from the notes to the CR box? Students will be able cut and paste both from the ELA passages, questions as well as from the Notes box into the constructed response boxes. ,Yes to both questions.  Students can use the keyboard shortcuts to cut/paste within the test.  
Do students then wait for the next group to start to catch up? The staggering is only 2-3 minutes between larger groups of students. There should not be a "catch up" -- this occurs after the directions are read in the classroom. At this point, students are working independently.  You can find the diagram for staggering student test times on CBT Support. 
I've been wondering if make ups can be scheduled right after the two days of CBT, even if the make up window hasn't started. Our regional scoring starts a day after the make up window starts, which really isn't enough time. Yes, they can. Please view, the FAQ article that explains this scenario.  
Is there a link to the powerpoint for notetaking? No, we did not create the notetaking version, but you have access to the PPT in order to create it from the Presentation of the Regional CBT Winter Training Sessions.   You will find both PPT slides and a PDF that can be downloaded from the CBT Support article. 
We may have missed this, but to clarify, will there be a proctor webinar that covers this information for our teachers? Yes, it will be in March, but we have to adjust the posted date for spring breaks throughout the state. You can find all the 2018 Significant Events Timeline posted on CBT Support.   The Proctor Webinar is on March 21st from 10-11:30 am. 
Where can I find more info on how to create a fast track NYSSID ID? Your district data coordinator will have access to the NYSSIS ID app in the NYSED business portal. You should contact your RIC who has been trained on the Fast Track NYSSIS ID application's use.
So an Aide can be set up in NEXTERA as the "teacher" if they are going to be the proctor? Yes, they can be. This is one reason why we are not loading teachers from Staff_Student_Course this year. You may have experienced having to do a lot of work to get the correct users associated to classes last year. This year, the schools get to determine exactly who is associated to a Nextera Admin class.   
Is Equation Editor part of the Secure Browser? The Equation Editor is avaliable for the short answer questions in a math test.   
Can there be more than one school user per building? Yes. You can have multiple "Building Level Users (BLU)" in a school. For more information, Please view Nextera Admin role and responsibilities guide. 
when you say the secure browser, that also includes the questar app on ipads? Yes. We use "secure browser' to mean both the app and the software. You can find videos about how to use the Equation Editor on CBT Support. 
We need some more clarification on the read aloud.  Did you say they have the option or only when specified by their IEP a human reader? CBT student testing accommodations are based on the student's IEP or 504 Plan and what is the best fit for the student in CBT. For more information, please view the test read options for operational CBT testing on CBT Support. 
Can students who have a Read Aloud accommodation have the student use the text to speech with headphones accommmodation? or do they need their test read by their teacher?  This is a local decision for how the student's Test Read accommodation will be delivered in CBT. The student should practice with the Secure Browser practice tests in order to determine the best fit for the student. Logins for the new Secure Browser practice tests can be found on CBT Support. 
Can Login tickets be printed according to a "class" that we create in Nextera?  Or do they come as a stack that needs to be sorted manually? The student's login tickets are printed by class.  The way the school organizes students into classes in Nextera Admin  (groupings) is how the tickets will be available for printing.  
What happens if a student turns off the testing device? If they turn it off, is the cache off? If a student lost internet connection and was not able to submit her test, we recommend isolating that device until the student is able to submit his test.  The student's responses are cached on the device and turning the device off will not impact the cached responses.   Schools should call Questar for further guidance during operational CBT. 
When do admin receive Nextera Admin permissions for field testing only (not operational)? We'll release that date soon, but it will be after the beginning of March--we have to release the field testing assignments first.   
Third grade is doing CBT this year; however, third grade special education students are doing paper based testing.  Do both of those tests for the same grade have to be administered on the same days? Yes, first, to be clear, all students in a grade level that is testing on computer must test on computer unless an IEP or 504 plan indicates a testing accommodation that can only be delivered on paper (or if a student requires an oral translation for an alternate language). That noted, students who are testing on paper in a CBT grade level may test along with their CBT classmates, if that is appropriate.   
For students who arrive late, is there a cutoff for the "Start Time?" There is no cut-off time but, a student would need to finish the test on that school day.  If the student comes to school really late, and, as someone who knows this student you may think the student will need more time than they have to finish their exam that day--you may want them to wait until a make-up session.  
If you set up a "makeup room" can you put multiple grade levels in the same room, say a computer lab? Yes you can. but keep in mind the testing directions will be different for students in different grade levels. In Nextera Admin, students in multiple grade levels can be added to the same class. It is the grade-level assignment and not the class that controls the test that is delivered electronically to the student for CBT. 
We have Windows 10 machines and were going to use a generic user login to the computer.  Are the responses stored in a different folder for each test session? Yes, they are. But you should also contact Questar customer support to walk through this scenario.   
We have some of our district students in out of district placements (like at a BOCES).  Who is responsible for their testing?  Does that placement decide if they are doing paper or computer?  Or, since we are doing CBT in District, do we set up their CBT account? Q:  Who is responsible for their testing?  A: The instructional location orders the test for the student. The District, if the OODP school is testing on paper, is responsible for providing answer sheets. Q: Does that placement decide if they are doing paper or computer? A: Yes, the instructional/testing location determines the test format (CBT or PBT). Q: Or, since we are doing CBT in District, do we set up their CBT account? A: No, you will not be "testing" those students. The BOCES will. ,In addition to what Heather wrote, it is best practice that districts communicate with their out of district placements to make sure all is in place to test their students.,In addition to what Heather wrote, it is best practice that districts communicate with their out of district placements to make sure all is in place to test their students.  
Do we leave the Testing Lanugage drop-down blank if it is English? Yes, there is no need to edit the testing language unless you want to enable an alternate language test.   
How do we have our Assistants or testing coordinators access as an admin on Nextera? In addition to the Principal? The DTC or the principal need to create user accounts for other admin users in your school. 

You can find brief video tutorials on CBT Support that will show you how to create new users in Nextera Admin.

You can find a list of roles and permissions for Nextera Admin on CBT Support. 

Can status codes be put in after students are finished taking the test? Yes, they can! You do not need to set Not Tested Codes immediately. You want to be able to focus on those students taking the test.  For more information, please visit CBT Support and view the PowerPoint on How to Set Not Tested Codes.
Will teachers be able to see how their students are responding to the practice tests?  No, we do not have this capability. The practice tests are intended for students to gain familiarity with the online testing tools and navigation features in the Nextera Test Delivery System. We released an Equation Editor Sampler this year and will work on an ELA constructed response sampler for next year. 
Last year the labels Avery 5160 were not formatted to fit into the actual label when printed.  We had to reformat all of them.  Was that a Nextera setup issue or district issue?  If Nextera, will that be fixed for this year? That was a Nextera issue and was fixed.  We did have detailed instructions on how to get around that last year, but this year you shouldn't have an issue. The detailed instructions include adjusting the printer options and can be found in the field testing Teacher's Directions on page 57 of the PDF.
Are additional test questions going to be released?  We'd love to see several years of past 3-8 tests available to use... We hope to be able to do this in the future but not this year. We hope to be able to do this in the future but not this year.  
Can we provide hand held calculator to students during testing? Yes.

Students in grade 6, taking session 2 should have a 4-function calculator. 

Students in grades 7 and 8 (both sessions) should have a scientific calculator.

On the iPad it is an an app correct? Yes, the Nextera Secure Browser is an app.  
Where can I find that timeline shown earlier? You can find the CBT 2018 Significant Events Timeline on CBT Support in the CBT Support Resources section.   
How long can a test be paused?   When resuming, must the same computer be used? A test may be paused as long as the test administration window is open.  We will identify the tests that have not been submitted and verify.  If the student has paused and/or submitted a test, they may use a different device.  
In last week's NYSED Weekly, there was mention of a new document from the Office of Special Education with guidance on computer-based accommodations but it is not on the NYSED website. May we please have the link to this document? Policy and Tools to Guide Decision-Making and Implementation was posted last week for Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.  
Is there anything that a district gives up or that a teacher won't be able to do if teacher roles are not assigned to teachers? Teacher roles in Nextera Admin are not "tied" to anything else outside of CBT, such as teacher accountability. There is no link. Only users with access to Nextera Admin will be able to log into Nextera Admin to view student testing progress during CBT.   
If you agreed to do full operational CBT for all grades, will you have any field testing obligation? You may. All schools are required to enter their field testing format preference. Not all schools are chosen or required to field test. Field testing assignments are posted the first week of March each year.   
What if a child gets sick, pauses test, does not return to testing. would the student continue the test another day? Yes, that student would begin on the next available day.  There should be active proctoring similar to if a student was taking the exam on paper and became ill and had to go home.  
When it is appropriate in the presentation, could you please address the diction/scribe options? You can find details on CBT and the use of a scribe accommodation on CBT Support.   
When will the 2018 School Administrator's Manual be available? We expect to make it available in 2-4 weeks. However, last year's SAM contains much of the same content, so you can use that now for reference to Nextera Admin and the test delivery system.  Find Last year's School Administrators Manual still available on the Office of State Assessment (OSA) website. 
For student field testing why is Nextera open for Field Testing opening so late--May? It would be helpful to be able to set classes up ealrier! Currently, we can only have one window open at a time.  First operational ELA, then operational math, then field testing. For field testing, schools will only be working with one grade level and one subject--the CBT setup should not take as long as with the operational tests. 
Once a student's test package is downloaded on a device, will they need to use the same device for session 1 & session 2? As long as the student has a network connection and has submitted Session 1, she can move devices for Session 2. The student who has paused or submitted the computer-based test session with a working internet connection can move to a different testing device to complete an open session or take session 2.
Can you talk about the Math assessemnt and ENL students using text to speech Text-to-Speech (the "robots" reading to the student) is only available in English. Students who require oral translation will test on paper, as they do now with oral translation.   
If a picture is used to answer a math question in the show your work section is there a way to include this in the equation editor? No, there is no drawing tool in the operational CBT exams this year. The student may certainly arrive at her/his answer creatively on the scratch paper, but will not need to draw the work but to indicate the equation, for instance. You can find examples of student exemplary papers for both PBT and CBT for each grade level on Engage NY in the scoring materials.   
What is the title of the presentation? The title of the presentation is the New York 3-8 Regional Training 2018. Located on CBT Support in the CBT Resources section. You will find both PPT slides and a PDF that can be downloaded.
We were told at the last training session it was every 30 seconds this  year. Yes, this is true. We did indicate 30 seconds at the Fall training. We have revised this to 60 seconds because it is actually a 30-60 second window and relies on the school's internet connection. Questar advised us to use 60 seconds.   
We have some administrators that cannot attend and would like to view it at a later date. They will be able to listen as much as they want once the recording is posted on CBT Support! The video recording is available on CBT Support in the "CBT Resources" section. 
If the student returned on Day 2, from leaving Day 1 sick-part way through the test, would they need to finish the Day 1 test before being able to take Day 2 Or could they take Day 2, and then go back to finish Part 1 on a make-up day? We recommend that the student who went home ill on Day 1 but returns on Day 2 continue testing with their classmates on Day 2.  They can then finish Day 1 in a make-up session.  
What do we need to do in order to prepare our CBT’s for vendor-based scoring.  Nothing. The Vendor takes care of all scoring setup, training, and scoring.   
Can someone be assigned as a BLU and DLU? Yes.  Dual roles are possible in Nextera Admin.
Practice test logins - do you go to test samplers and then have to login?   To access the Secure Browser practice tests, you must use the Nextera Secure Browser.  If you do not have the Nextera Secure Browser installed on your student devices, please follow the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide for additional assistance from a step by step guide. 
Will the student have access to both the English and alternate language test? Yes, but not on-screen. Students will take the alternate language math tests online and have an English paper copy for reference. If a student is taking CBT with Alternate Langauage, that student will be provided a paper copy Form A for reference.   
We will know ahead of time which students are not testing--Can that info be loaded ahead of time? Yes. Not Testing codes can be set for students from the Testing Details page in Nextera Admin.  We will have updated documentation on CBT Support in March to show these steps. 
Will a recording of the proctor webinar be available again so we don't have to train all proctors at the same time? Yes. We will record all webinars and post those on CBT Support. The video recording is available on CBT Support in the "CBT Resources" section.
In Nextera is PROCTOR "Building Level User" No, not necessarily, but it can be. However, the "role" that is associated to a "class" (or group of testers) in Nextera Admin is the "Teacher" role, which is currently disabled on Nextera Admin.  Please view, the Nextera Admin roles and responsibilities guide
Which portions of this webinar will be covered in the proctor training? There are no significant changes in Nextera Admin for proctors this year. What is new, and what we have already shared today, is how we learned our operational schools managed proctoring and command centers for CBT last year.

You can find the proctor webinar from last year on CBT Support.
If the student DID NOT pause and DID NOT submit, but shut off their computer - can they login again or not? Yes.  This will kick the student out of the test, but she can log back in with the Proctor PIN.The student must log into the same testing device as her answers will be cached to that computer.  
When will the pratice logins be ready to use? The Nextera Secure Browser practice tests are available now on CBT Support.   
How about a student who just arrived in the building.  How do you produce a login? The district can locate the student's NYSSIS ID in the business portal's NYSSIS ID app. The RIC, also, can always help.   
How come the 6th grade doesn't have a scientific calculator in sampler even though it is available on test to the 6th grade. For 6th grade, students can use a 4 function with square root OR a scientific calculator.  So, we are only have the 4 function calculator available on-line.  They can bring their hand-held calculator to the exam as well.  
Can students try using accommodations during a practice test prior to actual test implementation, both so you can ensure the accommodations you've set up are working, and they have experience using them? Yes! And they should! All students using testing accommodations should have experience with the online testing accommodations. You can see them now in the online Question Sampler.  
Will the scores for CBT be released at the same time as PBT? Yes, PBT and CBT scores are released at the same time.   
What is the regulations/rules with regards to stopping the test for lunch? Our last year's School Administrator's Manual has information on this.    
Are there new user name and passwords for the samplers on Nextera?  Where do we get them? Yes, we have new Nextera Secure Browser practice test logins available on CBT Support.  
What reasons are listed in the drop-down for Not Testing? The same codes as are on the print answer sheets. You can see a screen shot with the codes in the How to Set Not tested Codes PowerPoint  
We tried to order counts for tests read on portal and the window would not permit, even though we selected CBT testing. Can you please advise on how we ensure that Form A will be sent to district? The school should call Questar to submit an additional materials order (AMO) for paper tests  
From where is on the Questar secure browser downloaded? When should it be downloaded to each device?  The secure browsers can be found in Nextera Admin under the Help tab.  The secure browsers can be installed on your devices now.  You can download the Nextera Secure Browser from Nextera Admin. Please follow the step by step Nextera Setup and Installation guide.  
Do you HAVE to assign students to classes? No. You can leave the students in the one large group if that is easier for your school.  
If a student opts-out of the exam in advance, can the student still be added to a class? You mean if the student then opts into the exam? Yes, the student can then be added back to a class. We did have an instance of this last year.   
How are the students able to experience the practice tests in the secure browser when the login tickets are not available? The logins for the practice tests were released on Friday.  Please visit CBT Support for the information. 

The usernames and logins are located on CBT Support under CBT Resources: Secure Browser Practice Test Logins, 2018.
For students testing in a different language, will proctor scripts be provided in alternate languages, or should the English directions be read to these students? No, proctor scripts are not available in other languages and have not been available for paper testing.  
Can students who typically have tests read that will now be eligible for text to speech have access to this accommodation on the Question Sampler? The Question Sampler has TTS available for students to practice with the tools. The Practice Tests also have TTS for practice for these students. Depending on the students IEP or 504 plan, the Text-To-Speech (TTS) option from the Question sampler are student accommodation that has the computer read to them. We have other test read accommodation options for the students that need Test read by a human reader. For more information to please view the following FAQ article about Test read accommodations on CBT Support.    
Where can we find the practice tests that were just loaded? The updated practice tests logins are available on CBT Support. If you have not downloaded the secure browser yet, please follow the Nextera Secure Browser setup and Installation Guide.  
Do we need to stagger if testing on a WIRED network? Staggering is simply a best practice. We recommend it for all larger groups 25-30 students) of students testing. It is also a great organizational tactic we've heard from our operational schools from last year. You can find the article on staggering student test times on CBT Support. 
Will the building administrator have the ability to print lists of students that did not test, or students that paused their test and didn't finish (for make-up purposes) Yes, this was available last year in Nextera Admin. The administrator will be able to print lists of students with their Not Testing codes (once they are set) from the Testing Details page in Nextera Admin. 
So - just so we are clear - you recommend that as a DLU or BLU we assign ourselves the "teacher role" for every class?  Isn't there another way for us to assist on the 'teacher' level without doing that?  thanks! If you are set up as a DLU or BLU, you have the ability to do everything a "Teacher" role can do (plus more) so you do not need to add that role to your DLU or BLU users.    
Do you know what we need to do as a district to change our DTC? Please follow the following steps to change your DTC.  
Can you have multiple proctors in an exam We recommend multiple proctors in a testing location conducting active proctoring. The users physically watching the Nextera Testing Details page may be different.  
Can the teacher assigned be the name of the proctor?  What login role might that person have? Yes, the teacher and the proctor can be the same person, but you do not need to enter in a "proctor" in the proctor field on the Class details page on Nextera Admin if the teacher and the proctor are the same person.  
Can more than one "teacher" be added to a class? No, there is only one user role associated to a "class," but other roles, such as an STC, will be able to view all classes.   
Can you copy and paste from math questions into the notes?  Yes, copy/paste into the Notes tool is available now.    
Is it okay to give students scrap paper for math with boxes on it with space for each question? No, this is not allowed as it veers from the standardization we're establishing with scratch paper for the NYS tests. Please see the allowed scratch paper guidelines for CBT exams.
By law if a student takes the math test in Spanish they need to have the same English version availabe to them. How will this happen? An English version paper booklet will be sent to the school for the student to have as reference.  The student who is taking the Spanish math test online must provide her responses online in the Nextera Test Delivery System. Students can type either in English or their native language. This is the student's choice. 
Is the sampler the same as the practice tests on Nextera, or are they different questions? The Question Sampler and the Practice Tests in the Secure Browser are the same forms/questions.  
Are there separate access codes for make-up sessions? If not, can we edit the Not Testing code after for a session if they end up completing it? Whether or not you create a separate "class" in Nextera Admin for your makeup testing is up to you. You can also simply use the access codes from the class-test-session the student missed. We did hear from many of our schools that they streamlined makeup testing by creating different classes in which to group the students and provide all makeup testing students with the same access code (per grade level and session). 

You can find the PowerPoint on How to set Not Tested Codes on CBT Support. 

I saw the question earlier, but just want to hear about students that are in an alternative setting. In the past, we had to send/collect scans. The learning institute should be ordering/testing/scoring scan, correct? Districts should be communicating and coordinating with their out of district placements, similar to how you worked with them when testing on paper.  
Will we get contact info we can use if we have outages or technical difficulties? The first contact will be to Questar Customer support, that info is available later in this slide presentation. The first contact will be to Questar Customer support, and that information is available later in this slide presentation. Contact information for Questar Assessment Inc. can be found on CBT Support. 

After we create the proctor accounts, do we have to assign all of the students to the person proctoring in their location? Yes, you will move students under the "teacher" or person proctoring the room who is also monitoring Nextera Admin. Only users who are monitoring Nextera Admin need to be users associated to a "class."  Please watch our Nextera Admin tutorial videos on creating accounts on CBT Support.
Also - for clarification... you cannot import class rosters correct?  You have to do manually... making sure I heard that 100% Yes, correct. There will be a district upload process available to RICs that will allow importing class groupings (rosters).  This will be available later in March.  
So we make up a teacher ID or use a TEACH ID??  does it matter? It does not matter. We do not send data back to the Level 2 data warehouse from Nextera Admin. Using the TEACH ID is a nice way to do it, though. You will have nice data in Nextera Admin, which is important.   
I don't see TEACHER just Building Level User The Teacher role is not available until we load the student information on February 20.  
Why is there a space for Proctor name and teacher if they are the same? The second space would be used for your purposes only.  Sometimes there are more than one person in the room.  If you want to document that in Nextera Admin, you have the space to do so. The proctor name displays in the class details on the Testing Status Details page. This is for the school's quick reference.  
If a student needs to change a room (physically) - do they need to be added to that new "class" or can they log back in and continue testing? The student does NOT need to be moved to a new class.  Have the student pause/log out, move rooms, log back into the test with the Proctor PIN and he is ready to continue to test.  
Can a third grade student take the make-up while the fourth grade is taking the test... If they are in a separate room. Yes.   
Please clarify the copy/paste.  Can students copy text from the passage and then paste it into their short and constructed response questions? Yes, using the keyboard shortcuts.,Yes, you can use copy and paste from the notepad to the CR box, passages to notepad, and passages to the CR box. Students are able to copy from the passage into the Notes.  In addition, students are able to copy and paste from passage into the CR boxes.  Lastly, students are able to copy and paste from the Notes into the CR boxes.  Again, stuents need to practice using the keyboard CTRL C and CTRL V.    
As a Building Leader, when you add an account are you adding the teachers as proctors here? Is this were the proctor pin is generated? The "proctors" may be the "teacher role" associated to the "class" (group of students testing). The Proctor PIN is visible on the homepage of Nextera Admin and is one of the "testing materials" that must be provided to proctors in the classroom/testing location at the beginning of the testing day.  
Also ELA only comes in English because that is what they are testing? For ELA the language available is only English for all students.  Both CBT and PBT (paper testing). Math allows for alternate languages.   
How do we request paper copies for ENL students? You can find more details about requesting additional materials orders (AMO) from Questar  on CBT Support.  
There are Questar reps within 2hrs of all schools for eval??? Yes! We had colleagues in the North Country, Capital Region, Western NY, Central NY, and Lower Hudson last year. (At different times--the RICs will determine the schedule with us based on high testing popluation-days in their regions. Closer to the operational window, your RIC will have information on where Questar technical colleagues are situated on each day of the CBT testing window.
If our local BOCES and RIC are scoring our tests do we have to give them rights to Score Point or do they have rights already? They will have rights by virtue of the school indicating that educational entity is the "Lead Scoring Entity." A school that orders CBT is required to indicate who is scoring their students' constructed responses on computer when ordering CBT. If you want, we can double check the Lead Scoring Entity for your school--just let us know or send an email to CBT Support  
Can classes be imported? Yes, the district upload process can be used to upload class groupings.  This will be available in March.  
Question:   Is there "speech to text" on CBT?  No, there is no diction or speech-to-text accommodation in the Nextera Secure Browser.   
we generally test by homeroom.  Can this info for classes be imported en-masse? You may want to check with your RIC on how this might be possible. We expect the district upload functionality to be available in March.  
What if a student who needs Test Read comes to the school just before the test and more copies are needed? You can always pick up additional materials, paper tests, at the Regional Centers. If you call the Questar colleagues, they will advise you of the process.  This student could also test in CBT if the student is familiar with text-to-speech software. The student should review the practice tests and listen to the "robot" voice read the test to her.
Can students still have a hand held  protractor even though it is provided on the CBT? No, this is not allowed.   
When and where will the 2018 manual be available? The SAM manual will be available within 2-4 weeks. We will link to the SAM from CBT Support Quick Links
Ok - so RIC will dispatch Questar - the District does not contact Questar? Your RIC is your first line of support. You should try to call the RIC first as every RIC has experience with operational CBT from last year.    
Do proctors have the rights to see which students are online or offline? Yes, they can see the offline/online indicator on a student's screen. It is a school decision whether or not Proctors will be able to access Nextera Admin to see the offline/online indicator on the Testing Status Details page.   
Is it possible to print an 'unassigned' list once all the classes are created, just to make sure there weren't any students missed? Users can print out a student roster and use that to verify you have tested all students. You can see Not Testing codes in the downloadable reports from the Testing Status Details page in Nextera Admin.
Sorry for the dumb question:  why wouldn't you want an easy access code?  For our third graders - what benefit does a complicated access code provide?  Thanks in advance. Not a dumb question. Because students will see the option for both Session 1 and Session 2. If you make the session codes easy--they may guess it and inadvertently enter the wrong session. Also, for security--you never want logins, passwords, etc. to be simple. ,yes like password is "password"  :)  
For paper-based testing (PBT) NERIC pulled the HR info for grouping of tests.  Will Nextera do that when they pull data? No, but NERIC may be able to do this for you for CBT. You should check with the NERIC testing department.  
Does the Proctor need to remain the same during testing session? Proctoring is a local decision made by the building administration.  We would leave this to the administrator.  
What if a student is qualified for this accommodation by CSE just prior to the testing? This is fine. It is the district/CSE's responsiblity to see that a student receives her/his testing accommodation.   
Are Proctor PINS the same for each grade level or will they be generated class by class? A Proctor PIN is the same for each school.  So all students in that school will have the same Proctor PIN, which is why they need to remain secure.  
Answer masking tool is not the same as answer eliminator available for all? Correct: The answer eliminator is a testing tool available to all students in the Nextera Test Delivery System; the answer masking accommodation is only available to students in order to provide a student testing accommodation that may align to a student's IEP or 504 plan.  
How will ELL students have access to both Enlish and home language versions of the tests? When you order Alternate Language, you will automatically receive the English paper copy.    
When all else fails - if a problem occurs:sequestor the machine Yes, we agree with this. We may even send someone from Questar to examine it. You can contact your RIC first and also contact Questar if you need more assistance. 
If a student turns off the machine, can they NOT login again? The nuance is whether or not the student paused the test or submitted the test. Then the student can turn off the computer without any issue. A student can log into the test session again unless the student has submitted his test.  Once the test is submitted, the student can not log back into the session.  If a student turns off the device in the middle of a test session, he can log back in with the Proctor PIN.  
If a student is first year ELL or a family chooses to 'opt out' a student, do we have to mark something on their test as we did with the paper testing? Yes.  You will have to code the students in Nextera Admin.  These are the "Not Testing Codes" on the students page (which will be available starting next week). You can find more information on how to set Not Testing codes on CBT Support. 
Is the student's local ID used at all?  this would be important to have somewhere for nys reporting and uploading scores in the SMS No. We use the New York State ID (NYSSIS ID) this will link to the student information at your RIC.  
When taking the math test in a different language, will they have access to an English glossary? Bilingual glossaries can be made available to students as they would be in paper testing but, it is not available through the Nextera platform.  
How do I access the Fast Track NYSSIS I.D. App? Your district data coordinator should have access to this through the NYSSIS ID app in the NYSED Business Portal.

The RIC also has more information on the NYSSIS ID Fast Track process. 


It is only available during operational CBT to operational CBT schools in that test administration (ELA and/or math).

Can you talk about how a scribe would manage in a CBT setting? For more information about the use of a scribe for CBT.   
We are using BOCES for Math scoring and an outside vendor (Optimum Solutions Corp.) for ELA.  Will we need to train any in-house staff on Score Point?   No. The BOCES and OSC will handle all of the scoring for your school!  
You can't access a NYSSIS ID for a new student that has not been put into your RIC/datawarehouse In this instance, say it is a new student from a different state, the district will have access to create a FastTrack NYSSIS ID. The RICs have more information about this process and will be able to help during operational CBT.   
Is it recommended to create MAKEUP groups/TEACHERS? If this is a good way to organize makeup testing in your school, then you can do it in Nextera Admin. We have also heard of schools creating Nextera Admin classes for absent and late-arrival students.   
Proctor and teacher same role-- correct? Yes. It is one of the same in CBT.  The role in Nextera is named Teacher.  
Please clarify SITC vs. DITC....  I thought the SITC could download the browser.  If not - then not clear to me the difference of these roles. Both the DITC and the SITC can download the browsers.
District IT Coordinator has access to all schools within the district and can download the secure browsers for all schools.  A School IT Coordinator can only do this for there school.  
The copy and paste function does not appear to be working in the Math sampler.  Thoughts? The copy/paste function is working into the Notepad tool. It is a known issue with the math CR boxes--we are working on this with Questar.  
Please address makeups - do you need to create new proctors for makeup sessions? You do not. Students can take makeup tests from their currently assigned class in Nextera Admin. A separate makeup class in Nextera Admin is only suggested as something innovative that schools did last year (and shared with us!).   
Are students assigned to a class AND/OR Proctor? The school will determine these testing arrangements in Nextera Admin.  
Can districts NOT testing this year take the Proctor Training in March? Yes, but we prefer to focus only on our CBT schools who really need this information for their CBT operational testing.  It would be better to attend proctor training for field testing on computers, which will be held in May. 
ELA Sampler 1, 7th grade the copy and paste function is working but only with the Ctrl c, Ctrl v. We are not providing buttons this year for copy/paste. The keyboard functions are available for copy and paste.  
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