3/2/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 3/2/18

  1. The Q&A from the Statewide Webinar Winter Training has been posted to CBT Support: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360000884291-Q-A-from-the-CBT-Winter-Statewide-Webinar-February-12-2018
  2. We are working to establish a process for student moves across districts:
    • Scenario: a student is enrolled in a CBT school and is moving to a CBT school in a different district AND the student was loaded to CBT (students that are not in Nextera Admin will not present an issue).
      • For this year, State Ed is going to make the move for the student—we will watch how this works with the student score data with L2 and determine what will be possible for next year as we expand CBT.
      • We’ll also have to consider if something new is needed on Nextera Admin.
      • RICs can determine if they will handle these requests for the district or if they will advise the district to contact NYSED directly. (The below process flow is from the RIC-managed perspective.)
      • Suggested Process: for a student who must move from district to district within Nextera Admin:
        • Step One: RIC must confirm the student has been moved at L2.
        • Step Two: Send the following data to CBT Support with “Student District Move” in the subject line
          • Include NYSSIS ID, former district name, former district BEDS, former school name, former school BEDS, new district name, new district BEDS, new school name, new school BEDS
          • Include any Local Student IDs, if you know them
        • Step Three: NYSED will confirm back to the RIC who will then review Nextera Admin to confirm the student is available in the new district for the correct school.
        • Step Four: The RIC informs the district.
  3. Consider “batching” this process by collecting students to send to NYSED twice a week until the week before ELA (April 2) when they may need to be completed immediately for the district.
  4. Running a CBT Simulation
    • We want to encourage all districts to consider this—it is incredibly beneficial to figure out how technical and active proctoring will work
    • It is important to learn what will be the biggest learning curve for students logging into the Nextera Test Delivery System
    • You will discover tech tips, such as students must have their WiFi button turned on their computer or students must have the volume up for hearing the robots in TTS
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