Do we have to take down posters of the Equation Editor buttons during operational CBT?

Yes, posters that define the function buttons for the Equation Editor must be taken down during operational CBT math. We understand that some districts have created these helpful resources to hang in their classrooms.

The posters are a wonderful instructional tool for schools to use in practicing for the tests with students who will be testing with CBT but they must be removed from the exam room walls prior to the operational testing. This is to be consistent with the test direction to "completely cover or remove from the walls mathematics aids or charts and all board work pertaining to mathematics."

The Nextera system is standardized for all students throughout the state. Moreover, it provides the same uniform set of reference materials for all students and is consistent with that provided for students testing with PBT. The use of this poster while participating in the operational tests would result in a de-standardization.

As a reminder, the School Administrator's Manual provides the following guidance for school's preparing their testing rooms: "Completely cover or remove from the walls all charts, blank or completed graphic organizers, number lines, mathematics tables, and all board work pertinent to English language arts and mathematics ."

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