Fixed: Copy/Paste Word Wrap not working in CR Boxes

3/26/18: Copy/Paste has been fixed by Questar. It is working correctly via keyboard commands both on the Question Sampler and in the Secure Browser practice tests. 

3/2/18: The copy/paste functionality that allows students to copy content via keyboard commands (or tap on the iPad) from an ELA passage to paste it into the constructed response (CR) boxes on the Nextera Test Delivery System is not "word wrapping" in the CR box. 

  • Issue: Copy/Paste into the CR box is not wrapping text and resulting in two scroll bars (new horizontal scroll bar at the bottom) and text running "off the page" out of the CR box to the right.

 We will advise districts and schools through the RICs and by updating this article when this issue has been corrected in the Nextera Test Delivery System. 

This issue will be fixed for operational CBT. 

Below are images of what copy/paste looks like when Word Wrap is not working correctly: