iPad iOS 11 must be updated to 11.2.5+ for Operational CBT

Apple has communicated to Questar that iPad iOS version 11.0 introduces a security risk for the Secure Browser, allowing users to break out of the secure environment while in AAC (Automatic Assessment Configuration). 

All iPads currently using iOS 11.0 to 11.2.2 for operational CBT must be updated to 11.2.5+ (released January 23, 2018) to mitigate this risk. 

To address this security risk, Apple recently released iOS 11.2.5 that addresses this issue and maintains security for iPad users within a secure browser, including the Nextera Secure Browser. As a result, Questar now requires iPad users have iOS 11.2.5 as the minimum version for any customer testing on iOS 11.

If you are unable to upgrade to 11.2.5, or require assistance to do so, please contact Apple directly. The other iOS versions are still supported [9.3.5-10.x.x] for testing and do not present a security risk.

Customers with iOS 11 must update to 11.2.5 prior to spring testing to ensure test security is maintained.

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