Math Student Data Available in Nextera Admin on Monday, 3/19/18

3/19/18: The math student data has been loaded to Nextera Admin. Schools can now begin to set student testing accommodations, move students into testing "classes," set Not Testing Codes, and more on Nextera Admin to prepare for the upcoming operational CBT math administration. 

Student data for operational CBT Math that was to be available on Nextera Admin on 3/13/18 is delayed. We understand that this may inconvenience our CBT math schools that expected to start moving students into classes, setting student testing accommodations, and more this week. We are working to ensure the student data loads correctly for our CBT math schools. 

The math student data has passed data validation at Questar and will be loaded over the weekend to be available in the morning on Monday, March 19, 2018.

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