Where do we locate the Proctor PIN for CBT?

The Proctor PIN is available at the bottom left corner of the Nextera Admin homepage and is visible to district-level and school-level users. The teacher or proctor cannot view the Proctor PIN. The Proctor PIN must be distributed to teachers or proctors along with other secure materials on the day of testing. The Proctor PIN is a secure testing material and should not be distributed until the day of the test session. Proctor PINs should never be shared with students. After testing is completed, Proctor PINs must be securely destroyed. 

The Proctor PIN is essential to allow a student to re-enter a paused test, such as after a student may have used the bathroom during the test. When prompted, the proctor may type the Proctor PIN on the student's keyboard to resume testing of a paused test.

Proctor PINs are building-specific, so all proctors within the same school building will use the same Proctor PIN. 

If the Proctor PIN becomes compromised, such as the password was posted or lost in a testing classroom, then the Proctor PIN should be changed for the building. For this reason, schools should have a communication plan in place to distribute the new Proctor PIN to all proctors. 

To change the Proctor PIN, simply click on the PIN on the homepage (you will see it is a blue link), and a text box will open for you to type in the new PIN and click "Save." 

Note: Being mindful of the health and safety protocols established at schools in response to COVID-19, schools have the option of having students enter the Proctor PIN themselves. If a school chooses this option, the Proctor PIN must be reset after each test session. 

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