Proctor Tip: Saving notes to a student's test session in Operational CBT

This year, in response to feedback from our operational schools last year, we have improved the Notes and Highlighter tools in the Nextera Test Delivery System so that when a student pauses the test, such as to go to the bathroom, and re-enters the test with help of the Proctor, the notes and highlighted passages persist. A student will re-enter the computer-based test and find that any highlighted passages or notes that she/he took before pausing the test continue to be available. 

However, in order for notes to persist in the Notes tool, the student must either close the Notes tool while within the test question or navigate to the next test question, which will automatically close the Notes tool.

Closing the Notes tools saves the student's typed notes to her/his test session. Please be sure that students who are pausing their test have closed the Notes tool to avoid "disappearing" notes. 

Scenario:  Student holds up her hand for help from the Proctor to pause the test. The Proctor notices that she has an open Notes tool on her test question: 

The Proctor should advise the student to close the open Notes tool on her test question so that her typed notes are saved to the test session and available when the student re-enters the test. 

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