Can students use copy and paste functions for Operational CBT this year?

Yes, this year students can use copy and paste keyboard functions (or tap/hold on iPads) to copy and paste content from the ELA passages into the Notes tool in ELA and Math or into the ELA constructed response (CR) boxes when taking operational CBT this spring.

Based on feedback from last year's operational CBT and field testing on computers, we are allowing copy: Ctl C, and paste: Ctl V, which educators believe is expected functionality in a computer-based environment. 

Primarily, we expect this functionality to be utilized for the computer-based ELA tests where students may want to copy and paste supporting evidence from an ELA passage into their constructed response. We recommend, as a best practice, that students copy and paste any content from an ELA passage into the Notes tool first as they are planning their essay using the tools in the Nextera Test Delivery System. 

Note: students cannot copy and paste content into the Math Equation Editor constructed response boxes.  

** In the below screenshot, we have highlighted the words that were copied and pasted from the ELA passage into the CR box to help illustrate this example. It is not necessary for students to highlight a section that they wish to copy and paste into the CR box. **


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