Proctor Tip: Text-To-Speech (TTS) player will not work if internet connection is lost

The Text-to-Speech (TTS) Player will not read to the student if the internet connection is lost.

The following scenarios show the messages that students will see on-screen for the computer-based test if students are having trouble, due to a lost internet connection, with the TTS Player not reading the test. For more information about the text-to-speech player and functionality, please see the article about TTS Player Functionality

Illustrated below are possible errors students may see when the TTS player has lost network connectivity before and during the TTS Player reading the test to the student.

1) This error below occurs when a student selects the the play button on the TTS Player tool bar for the first time and internet connectivity is lost: 

2) When the student tries to select the TTS player tool bar for a second time and internet connectivity is still lost, the following two consecutive errors will appear:

3) This second error indicates that internet connectivity is lost and the TTS Player cannot play the test. This error instructs the student that text-to-speech is currently unavailable and to verify the internet connection. 

Important Note:  If a student does experience network connection errors, the student should alert the teacher or proctor to verify the internet connection. If internet connection continues to be unavailable, please contact Questar customer support. The student may not be able to test that day on TTS if an unreliable internet connection is not allowing the TTS Player to read the test to the student. 

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