Why do I receive an error when trying to add a new student to Nextera Admin?

In Nextera Admin, if you are trying to add a new student for the upcoming CBT ELA or math administrations, and you receive an error message that the NYSSIS ID is already associated to a student in Nextera Admin, then you may need to contact your local Regional Information Center (RIC) testing department for assistance in locating that student's existing record in Nextera Admin. 

The student may already exist within Nextera Admin at a different school that is also planning to administer the computer-based tests. A student cannot exist in twice in Nextera Admin in the same content area test administration (ELA or math). 

The RIC colleagues who support the CBT program have the ability to search for students in districts within their region. If the RIC colleague can locate the student and confirm that the student should be associated to your school for CBT, then the RIC colleague will be able to complete a student-district move within Nextera Amin for you. 

If you do not receive an error when trying to add a new student that has moved to your school from a different district, then the chances are that the student is moving from a school that is not administering CBT this spring, and, thus, is not already entered into Nextera Admin. 

If the student you need to add is coming from a district outside of your region, then you can contact CBT Support for further advisement (please use "district-student move" in the subject line).  

If the student is coming from another state and does not have a NYSSIS ID and will be taking the computer-based test, then contact your district data coordinator who will have access to the Fast Track NYSSIS ID application in the NYSED Business Portal. This application is only available to our operational CBT schools during the operational testing windows. 

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