4/6/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 4/6/18

Best Practice and Tech Tips video and presentation is posted: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360002366872-Video-Presentation-CBT-Best-Practices-and-Tech-Tips-2018

A reminder about Touchscreen support article has has been posted: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360002472451-Reminder-Touchscreen-input-only-supported-for-iPads-

  • Only iPads are supported for touchscreen input within the Secure Browser. 
  • Students with other devices that have touchscreen capabilities may find that the touchscreens seem to work, but they are not supported for the Secure Browser.

Users logging into Nextera Admin in IE: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360002387952-Why-can-t-I-see-the-Login-Tickets-button-on-the-Class-Tests-page-in-Nextera-Admin-

  • We've received a lot of reports about users not seeing the print "Login Tickets" button on the Tests page for classes in Nextera Admin: 
    • You must use the Chrome browser with Nextera Admin to see all features and functionality. 

New TTS speed has been added to the Secure Browser: 0.85x

  • This is a speed between the default, 1.0x and the lowest speed, 0.5x that will be available on teh TTs Player.
  • We are working on documentation that we can share with operational CBT ELA schools
  • We will also remind schools about the Play from Here feature is available for students

ScorePoint Manual for 2018 has been postedhttps://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/115001522366-ScorePoint-Manual 

There is no spellchecking software in the Nextera Test Delivery System: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360002379531


What happens if a student falls ill while taking a CBT session?

The Nextera Secure Browser does not time out and the student's test does not "time out" or become unavailable until submitted. Below are the bulleted points from page 32 of the SAM, and I'll provide additional information specific to CBT: 

Illness: If a student becomes ill during a part of the tests: 

  • Excuse the student until he or she is well enough to continue. 
    • CBT: Ask the student to pause her/his test.
    • CBT: Note the student's testing device, because you will want to have that student try to return to the same testing device when she/he has recovered. 
    • CBT: The best practice is that the student's testing device should be quarantined and not used for another student to test until that student is well enough to return to her/his test.
    • However, another student CAN use that same testing device if absolutely necessary and the ill student has paused the test under good internet conditions.
  • CBT: If the student cannot pause the test, she/he is too ill, then a user with rights to pause the test on the Nextera Admin Tests page should pause the test for the student.
  • When the student is well enough to complete the test (and as long as the testing or make-up period has not ended), the student may be given the remaining part of the test. 
    • CBT: The student will log back into the Nextera Test Delivery System with her/his username and password and the Access Code that was used for the test session that was paused. 
  • If the student is taking a partially completed part of the test, the student must be closely supervised so that the student does not go back to previously completed questions on the test.
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