Computer-Based Tests Available for Access at 7:00 am EST

The operational CBT English Language Arts (ELA) will be available for access by students at 7:00 am EST on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Please remember the following: 

  • Only distribute the Session Access Codes for that day's test session. 
  • Have the Proctor PIN on-hand to assist students who may need to pause the test.
  • Consider asking students to identify the testing device they are using on their login ticket.
  • If students are having difficulty logging in, ask the students to unmask their password to confirm they are typing it in correctly.
  • For large testing groups, follow the best practice to stagger student start times (the point where the students select "Session 1" or "Session 2") when following along with the Teacher's Directions.

Best Practice: Staggering Student-Testing Start Times