FIXED: Nextera Secure Browser Not Maintaining Its Online Connection

4/9/18, 1:30 pm EST: This issue has been fixed by Questar. Our NYS schools can continue to use the Secure Browser practice tests to ensure their students are ready for operational CBT ELA this week. The internet connection within the Secure Browser will persist and be stable. 

4/9/2018, 11:00 am EST: Currently, the Nextera Secure Browser is not maintaining its internet connection. Users may notice that they cannot log into the Nextera Secure Browser to use the practice tests, or they may notice after logging into a practice test that the online/offline indicator on the upper right is "blinking" in and out. 

This is a known issue and Questar is working to correct this issue immediately. This issue is not expected to interrupt operational CBT which begins tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10, for English Language Arts (ELA).