FIXED: Password Reset Emails Not Being Sent From Nextera Admin

4/9/18, 4:30 pm EST: The issue reported by some users in New York State on Monday, 4/9/18 regarding emails not being sent from Nextera Admin when requesting a password reset email has now been fixed. This issue affected the ability of some users to receive password reset emails from the following request activities on Nextera Admin: 

  • Password Reset from Login page on Nextera Admin
  • Password Reset from Accounts page on Nextera Admin
  • Activate Password from Accounts page on Nextera Admin

All password reset emails that were in queue at Questar have been sent. If you still have not received your password reset email, please contact Questar Customer Support directly and ask them to send you a new password reset email from Nextera Admin. 

Contact Questar:
Phone: 866-997-0695