Known Issue: "Pause All Tests" Button and Offline/Online Indicator Removed from Nextera Admin

The "Pause All Tests" and the individual student "Pause Test" buttons were removed from Nextera Admin before operational CBT ELA began on Tuesday morning, April 10. Additionally, as part of this removal, the Offline/Online indicator that was to appear on the Tests>Class page was also removed. These functionalities were paired on the back-end and would have worked together in Nextera Admin to assist Proctors.

We understand that many of our schools were looking forward to these functionalities to assist them with managing student testing and providing internet connectivity status for students. We will work with Questar to update this functionality for future administrations. 

The below shows the three functionalities that are unavailable for operational CBT ELA: 

As a reminder, like last year, students still have the Online/Offline indicator on the upper left of their computer-based test in the Nextera Test Delivery System. Proctors should be sure that a student's testing device is noted as Online before students try to submit their test.