FIXED: Questar/Nextera Systems Issues

Update, 4/17/18, 12:37 pm: Questar has advised us that the issues experienced this morning around 10:15 have been resolved. They advise that students may resume testing and that the system has been stabilized. 

  • Students who were kicked out of the system or who paused the test may log back into the Nextera Test Delivery System to complete, review, and submit the test session. 
  • If any students find that their responses are no longer visible, then those student's testing devices must go through the student response recovery process
    • Please send a list of NYSSIS IDs to Questar Customer Support with "Student Response Recovery" in the subject line.
    • Please see attached for the Student Response Recovery Process Quick Reference Guide.

We will also advise all principals and test coordinators that the system has been stabilized. 

Around 10:15 am today the Questar and Nextera Systems started to experience technical issues. 

Questar has informed us, and many of you have already noticed, that Nextera Admin and the Nextera Test Delivery System are experiencing technical difficulties at this time. Some users are noticing a 502 error on Nextera Admin.

Reminder: students who are testing within the Nextera Secure Browser can continue to test while offline. Students should try not to pause the test during these technical difficulties. We will keep you informed in subsequent emails.

We apologies for this new inconvenience and will try to keep all schools informed today on the status.